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Knitting is my thing

Posted on: October 29, 2006

Really, it is. At least for the last 6 years it has been. My best friend taught me (re-taught me, actually) while camping one time. I’ve had so much fun ever since then! I’ll post a few pictures out here once I figure out how to.

Who am I? For one I’m a hostess for the current Secret Pal round, and my name is Patty. Most of those who know me would know me from my other blog at live journal. I’ve decided to change because of the wonderful thing we call money. WordPress is free, and the version I’ve chosen of LJ is not. Plus I’ve set up a number of blogs and passwords and I really needed to get things consolidated a bit more. Blah, blah, blah.

I’m married, one step-daughter in college, work full time in the finance industry and live in the midwest. I love to cook, can salsa and have fun with swaps and secret pal exchanges.

Ok, enough.  More later!

2 Responses to "Knitting is my thing"

Welcome to WordPress. I read a lot about Secret Pal but just couldn’t fit it into my schedule. Sounds like fun though! – Stephanie

In this particular case, it is the epitome of the student teaching the teacher! For those of you reading this, I am said “best friend” and the irony is that she can do far more with knitting now than I can…especially when it comes to modifying a pattern, which my Type-A personality is still too afraid to attempt (it’s a math thing which I am not good at and she is) – MUST FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!

This girl is a marvel with a pair of needles! Patty – you should post a picture of the sheep you made, too.

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