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SP9 Goodies From My Pal!

Posted on: November 1, 2006

Thank you so much to my secret pal! I got a box full of goodies today. She sent 2 skeins of really pretty yarn (note to CP – no, you cannot have the green skein, hands off, it’s mine!), some yummy smelling body wash from B&Bworks, a lip balm I hadn’t had before that smells like blackcherry and has a tint to it, lots of candy, 4 sterling silver itty bitty rings with beads on them that I can use for either earrings or stitchmarkers. I’m leaning towards the earrings. Oh – silly me, I almost forgot (not) she sent a stuffed alpaca!! And he’s so cute (insert giggles here). Thank you again, secret pal, you sent a really great package.  And to the rest of you, here’s proof!

 So cute!

 Close up of the green/gold fall color yarn – the one CP will never get, no matter how hard she tries! Ha ha hee hee ho ho!

 Close up of the purple yarn


4 Responses to "SP9 Goodies From My Pal!"

I love the purple yarn. I am sending you a dishcloth this week. Enjoy your goodies.

Beautiful! You’re quite lucky…

What a Great Package you got! The Alpaca is just to cute

Lucky!!!! I saw those little stuffies at a fiber festival last month and I wanted one so much! (I was committed to fibers and secret pal stuff only….and if I’d bought one for my pal, she never woulda gotten it!!!)

(And to consolidate comments – those mittens you got in the swap are FANTASTIC!!)

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