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Posted on: November 12, 2006

SP9 Reminders:

1.  Blog at least 4 times per month with at least one entry being fiber/hobby related. 

2. Contact your pal on the 1st and 15th of each month (more is definitely acceptable!). 

3. Be sure to publicly thank your pal on your blog or send them an email to thank them – but your blog is probably the best place so your email doesn’t land in cyber space.    

Contest Number 2:

As you all know there is a contest for my group that ends on November 22nd. I’ve been out to all of your blogs and had a bit of trouble finding the pictures of the completed dishcloths. To date I’ve seen about 12 of them – nice job! But I want more contestants – dare ya!  So if you do post one, please send me an email or leave a comment with the date you posted it so it makes it easier on my old eyes finding it. J   

One Good Turn Deserves Another

recently hosted a magnet swap in which each person was to send their pal a magnet plus some little treat from their state. Well, one of the people didn’t send anything to their person so I decided to do it for them. Ironically, the slacker was the one I sent to! I tried to get a hold of her with multiple emails, left a contact message on swap-bot, everything I could think of but to no avail. Zero response.  Anyway, the person I sent some things to in place of the person who SHOULD have decided to send ME something as well – turns out she’s been burned in a few swaps and she had a bit of overstock on some tourist things. What a wonderful thing she did and she did it well. She sent me 2 cool magnets and a postcard with a little history about her state and the city these were for. Now that’s a nice person. Thank you, Renae! I’m crossing my fingers you don’t get burned again!   

Knitting Progress

As the saying goes, so much knitting, so little time. I had planned to make quite a number of things this year for Christmas gifts and have realized that to try and do so would probably give me a heart attack. I did finish a pair of Fetching wristers for my step-daughter and have bought the yarn for my nephew’s sweater. But that might have to wait for his birthday. I also want to make something for my MIL but I just don’t know if I’ll have time now. I’m also doing charity knitting. I’ve committed to making baby socks, hats, mittens, scarves. Plus there’s the second mitten swap I set up so I’m making those mittens (really cool ones, wait til you see!). Whew. See what I mean? And of course, there’s SP9 with managing the group and my own spoilee. It’s gotten a bit overwhelming but even so, I love it. I must have some hidden type A gene that pops out now and again. Just wish it would stay hidden a bit more often!    

Holiday Decorations

We’ve got the outside holiday lights up on the house, the railings by the front door, the deck, the carport, the lilac bushes in the back and the split rail fence back there. And hubby wants to put out MORE. Yikes. That’s a lot of lights! But I have to admit, it looks so incredible when it’s all lit up. We still have to put up the lighted Merry Christmas sign and the big lighted wreath. I’ll get pictures when it’s all done. The Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend we’ll go down to the southern part of the state and chop down our own tree at a tree farm and stop at the little church near there and check out its holiday sale of foodstuff and crafts. We’ve made this a tradition since we’ve known each other (almost 12 years). Then that Sunday I’ll decorate the inside of the house and get the ornaments on the tree. He’s the lights guy – he does the outside lights and the tree lights. But he admits he’s too klutzy to do the ornaments. J Now all we need is snow!!!

Busy Week Ahead

Work is going to be insane this week as we’re trying to get reporting done for October actuals AND get 2007 plan numbers together and into our system for the first run. Arrghh. It’s actually all coming together okay, it’s just time consuming.   That said, I must be off. Be good (if you must, ha ha), stay warm or chill out, depending on where you live and enjoy your day!   


3 Responses to "Variety of Topics"

Hi Patty, I posted my butterfly washcloth (hope this counts) on Nov 10… it’s the 3rd post that day.

Okay, okay, okay. I put up my dishcloth photo just now. Shamed me into it, you did!

Just posted my washcloth… on November 15th

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