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Purling is Not Knitting

Posted on: November 18, 2006

First off, I’m behind on my knitting. I’ve had an awful week and actually left work early on Friday due to a migraine that didn’t go away after one tablet. So I had to take a second one and if I do that, I need to be at home as I get kind weird feeling from the meds. So I left and I felt awful about leaving because our week was so hectic and stressful for everyone. I slept for close to 5 hours straight when I got home and then was in bed at 8 and just got up at 7. Feel like a million bucks. Go figure. Now I need to catch up on knitting.

I am working on a number of things and one project is mittens for my mitten swap pal. Last mitten swap I made a cool felted mitten with a strand of mohair mixed in and added snowflake buttons when they were done. They were a lot of fun to do and turned out my pal really liked them. This time I’m still doing a felted mitten but there’s what almost looks like a celtic twist/cable running over the top of the mitten with bobbles. Well, guess what? The pattern calls for reverse stockinette stitch while working in the round.  That, my friends, equals PURLING.

Now I’m a slowish knitter to begin with, now I’m purling? In the round? I love the results, but I can sure see that my tension is different with purling vs knitting in the round. I’m going to keep going because I’m psyched to see a purled mitten felted but yowza, this is testing my patience. I guess I really shouldn’t complain though – the author of the pattern is Shirl The Purl. That should have been my first clue. 🙂

I also am working on a pair of baby socks (ripped out 3 times now) for a charity tree that a co-worker’s niece is putting together. One sock to go. I haven’t had so much trouble with a sock before. I’m not sure if it’s because of the size or not but frankly, I’ll be glad when these little babies are done.

Time for java and time to start knitting.

Enjoy your day, everyone. 


1 Response to "Purling is Not Knitting"

This is probably too late for your project. Next time, instead of purling, knit that part inside out. That way you end up with reverse stockinette.

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