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Secret Pal Contest #2

Posted on: November 24, 2006

And the winner is – wait, make that and the winners ARE (I decided to have 4 winners since you guys had to actually work for this contest):

Winner #1 – Tori. – you win a box of my stash! Congrats!

Winner #2 – Wendy – you win enough yarn from my stash to make a project! Congrats!

Winner #3 – Carol – you win a set of stitchmarkers, handmade by yours truly! Congrats!

Winner #4 – Emily S. -you win a bookmark, handmade by yours truly! Congrats!

I will email each of you once I have shipped your packages!!


7 Responses to "Secret Pal Contest #2"

I usually never win anything. Thank you! I am so excited!

Woo-hoo!! I also never usually win anything, thank you!

Thank you!!! What a great surprise first thing in the morning!!!

Wow!!! I’m in that I rarely win anything (I can’t say never!). This was an awesome surprise. You really are a generous hostess. I think our group has one already by having you as a hostess!! Hope, I’m the only wendy in the group (LOL)!

I was so excited my grammar and spelling went to hell! you/you’re and won/one. I better go sleep some more!

You guys are a riot – I’m so glad I could make your day!

Congrats To All The Winners!!!

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