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Melsy B.

Posted on: December 21, 2006

She knows who she is, I won’t say her real name. She just helped us out with something today and that was so darn nice of her. 🙂

MB works in collections so she has to be a bit of a toughie (wait, I think she is anyway, ha!). Today we received 2 phone calls from a collection agency looking for a family member who APPARENTLY put OUR phone number on some bill as a contact. Not the same agency MB works for. 

Husband called the number the auto message left and this is what happened.

Hubby: That the person doesn’t live here, never did, we never gave him permission to use our phone number, we haven’t talked to him in 5 years and further more, remove us from your auto dial.

Agency: Can’t do that.

Hubby: Stop calling, you’re never going to find him here.

Agency:  Can’t do that, take your phone off.

I called MB’s mom to see if she had certain FM (family member) phone number. Tried that number, it was out of order (gee, what a surprise – NOT). So I called another person and left her a message and SHE called someone who said he didn’t have a number either. See a pattern here? FM gets in a bind and hides. Shuts down phone numbers so you can’t get a hold of him. Grrrrrr. Anyway, MB’s mom called and explained what we should do the next time they called. While talking to her MB was calling her mom, so we hung up and MB called me.

We had a three way conversation with the agency. And this is what happened (I’m sure some pieces are missing – she was so impressive I just sat back and listened and smiled – so I don’t have it all here but you’ll get the gist of it, trust me):

Agency: Hello

MB: I need to report a number you’re calling that’s invalid.

Agency: What’s the number?

MB: Tells him the number – she had to repeat it 3 times. She has a big voice, how he could not hear her is beyond me (we call her the mouth from the south for a reason – but with lots of love!).

Agency: silence

MB: You called numerous times today, you were asked to not call back, you told them you couldn’t remove them from the auto-dial which is a crock (that’s what she said, I love it!)you were advised that the person did not live at that number which by calling again is in itself a violation of code, etc…

Agency: What’s the number again? (And this guy was a manager, clean out the ear wax, dude!)

MB: You’re looking for a person by the last name of xx, not the name of the person the phone number belongs to.

Agency: Um, we’ve already removed them today from the auto-dial. (Course, my thought is he was removing us as he was speaking to us which is why he had to have the number repeated over and over!)

Gotta love my Melsy.


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Wow – what a story! At least they won’t bother you again!

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