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SP9 Pal Strikes Again

Posted on: December 23, 2006

I was making our bed today and glanced out the window and saw the mail truck parked outside so I ran to the door – I’m expecting a number of things – and he handed me a box which I could tell was from my secret pal. Wahoo!

And a closeup of the handstitched note cards for your viewing pleasure:

So what is all in here? My goodness – too much! Two kinds of Godiva chocolates, one is a small box of what they call the Platinum Collection, the other is a bar of dark chocolate with raspberry. Yummo! The handstitched notecards I mentioned, I’ve never seen this done before and I think it’s amazing. It’s got to be so labor intensive but it’s so beautiful. A little button with a heart shape smiley face, very cute – going right on the cork board in the office. A variety pack of tea, 5 flavors, perfect time of year for that. A very cool tape measure (I can always use more of these!) and this one even has purple on it! A note pad with my initial on it.

As if that all isn’t enough (you rock, pal!) she sent a skein of Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca in greens. Wonderful stuff to fondle, let tell you. AND can you believe there’s more? Two skeins of Brown Sheep wool/mohair yarn in a gorgeous shade of blue.

Thank you so much to my SP9 pal, this was a fantastic mix of goodness and thoughtfulness. Now off to try those chocolates before my husband gets into them.

Happy Holidays to you, Secret Pal!!!


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