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Those Knitting Friends

Posted on: December 26, 2006

I really don’t know what I did to deserve this but my friend Robyn sent me a little box of goodies. Two balls of Adriafil Trends Match yarn in pretty reds/black/white mix (I see a pair of Fetchings from Knitty.com in my future with this), 2 balls of Filatura Di Crosa – Tai yarn in black, 2 Mrs. Fields cookies, a mini-photo album, a Butterfinger candy bar, a dishcloth (handmade – natch) and she also tossed in some silk flowers to decorate the inside of the box. She did say on the notecard that she thought I was the best secret pal hostess ever (awwww, shucks) and she’s glad we’ve become friends. I’m so glad we’ve become friends also! Thank you so much for the awesome goodies, Robyn. You crazy woman! 🙂

Speaking of making friends. I have been so fortunate throughout the last 6 months to meet so many great people through various knitting endeavors both in the USA and outside the USA. I met two awesome people through the One Skein program (Marie and Kathleen – each  lives on opposite coasts of the U.S – I’m in the middle.). I’ve been lucky to be a hostess for SP twice now because I’ve probably made at least a dozen friends (can’t list you all!) but probably more online through that process that I never would have been able to otherwise. Same with the swaps I’ve set up at swap-bot. Though through there I think I’ve made a couple of non-friends due to me hounding them to follow through. (I don’t feel bad in the least about that.)

At any rate, thank you all who have become my friends – those who comment and email me frequently and even those who don’t comment but I hear from on occasion. It’s always great to get your emails and I LOVE comments. Sometimes it’s really made my day when it’s been a bad one to come out and see someone has left me a ‘hey, how are ya”.  So again, thank you all very much. I hope our friendships continue.

Oh, I have made a resolution for 2007 – whoever makes a comment on my blog you will instantly (well, give me a little time) be added to my sidebar so that I can sure to check up on YOU once in a while too, and leave comments to say ‘hey, how are ya”. 🙂

 p.s. To Robyn – give me a break on adding my library so slowly, man, I realized I need to do an inventory of them before I can post them in my sidebar. Not everyone lives at their pc’s – girlfriend! (she winks and grins broadly towards the Great White North)

Update at 6:10pm, CST –

I’ve listed all of the books I could find down here in the office in my sidebar. I don’t have the links to amazon.com but I will get them there eventually. I’m pretty sure I have a couple hiding upstairs so once I have those I’ll start attaching the links for anybody who cares. I had NO idea how many books I had. Wow.


4 Responses to "Those Knitting Friends"

I am sooooooooooo glad that you like the package and that it got to you safely!!! Take pics (I forgot! Pregnancy brain!) Anyhow, I was just bugging you about the library on your sidebar – NO RUSH! haha. I just attempted to go to Walmart. Never again on boxing day. I dont know why I left the house! Have a nice day. Hope the chocolate does you wonders! (You said the other day you were craving chocolate and had NONE in the house!)

I have the feeling you are a good friend and deserved this wonderful package. Don’t question it; just enjoy!!!!!

Hi, how are you?! It’s definitely been fun to meet you too!

Isn’t it great the number and types of people you meet through the blogosphere? My world is sooo much broader than before. And maybe this summer we can actually connect up at Stitches. Are you going?

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