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6 Weird (Eccentric?) Things About Me

Posted on: December 29, 2006

Now there is no way I can compete with Jae’s list (links aren’t working here for some reason today so go to the sidebar for her website link) – but I’ll give it a shot. Haa!

I’m not trying to copy Jae here but two of her items are so me as well. Here goes.

1. Tomatoes. Tamatoes. I don’t care how you spell it or say it, chop them or cook them, just keep them away from me. I don’t know if it’s because they do not appear to be done growing yet or what – yeah, see those seeds?? And the goopy gelatinous of them??? Eeew – nasty. However, what is so odd about this particular eccentricity is that I love ketchup, cream of tomato soup and my own salsa (my own salsa has tomato puree though, not tomatoes). Go figure.

2. Shoes. Hate them. Socks I need to keep my little toesies warm (I have Raynaud’s so it’s actually somewhat dangerous if I let my toes get too cold). But I still believe that socks are all I need – even in the dead of a Minnesota winter bringing a bag of garbage outside. No lie. Course, had I been wearing shoes last winter I might not have broken my big toe. Still, barefoot in summer, socks in winter, nuff said. Oh, I lied. One more thing. Hubby is the one who HAS to have shoes on all the time. All the time. Summer, fall, winter, spring. Hates being barefoot, is only in such a fashion when going from the shower to the bedroom to put socks and shoes on.

3. I must have toenail polish on at all times. Always. Any color – just get it on there. I hate seeing my toes bare, kind of creeps me out. I used to only do polish on them in the summer because of sandals (or bare feet…haaa!) but now I just HAVE to have them polished all the time. Right now they are a deep red in honor of the holiday just past. Oh, btw – my best friend and I do our toenails in blue for the 4th of July. 🙂 Hmmm, must find green for St Patrick’s Day this year, now that I’m thinking about it.

4. I take public transportation (bus) to work everyday (and back since I don’t particularly care to live at work) and I name the other riders. I do! Here’s the list I can think of (I knw I have more but I can’t think of them right off the bat) and I don’t want anybody getting all pc about these, ok? It is what it is.

Workout Boy Who Picks Crap Out of His Ears (carries a duffle bag with Nike on it)

Fur Face (the poor woman needs electrolysis)

Smelly Dude (as in way too much cologne, man!)

Talker Chick (nobody sits with her but she talks all the way downtown)

The Geek Group (a handful of individuals who love to talk in their native language LOUDLY but slip into English on occasion and they are always talking about computers)

Chatty Flippin Cathy (won’t her cell phone ever run out of juice??)

5. I read at least 2 books, sometimes 3, at the same time. Well, one is for on the way to work (when not annoyed by The Geek Group) and one is for reading before I go to bed. If I were to try and have the same book for both times I’d forget to bring it to work, I just KNOW It.

6. I’m petrified of being locked out of the house so whenever I leave I have to look at my keys in my hand and put them in my bag, then do it again before I leave. Why I don’t just find a spot outside to hide a key as a precaution is beyond me. But then I suppose I’d get paranoid about someone finding the key and getting in the house and then another eccentricity would pop up!


3 Responses to "6 Weird (Eccentric?) Things About Me"

you’re not strange – you seems pretty NoRmAl to me :O) ‘cept for the shoes part LOL –

I love the one about public transportation. I take the bus to and from downtown for work and I do the same thing! My personal favorite is makeup chick, the one who can do her entire face with about 8 lbs of make-up on the short 18 minute drive into the city! All with a little mirror the size of a quarter and a bag with so much crap in it, mary kay would cry.

I am the opposite about Tomatoes.. Love em but can’t stand ketchup. If I get a hamburger with ketchup have to take it back and get without. I will gag. If we had a buss closer I’d be on the bus for every trip I hate driving here. Rather walk..

Hope you have a wonderful New Years!

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