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Post Watch…Post Has Arrived…Very Long…

Posted on: January 13, 2007

Due to a back injury I haven’t been able to spend as much time out here like I usually do, updating you on all my knitting glory. However, I will be posting some FO’s (gasp!) and a couple of WIP’s (oh my!) later today. I promise!

Edited 7:39am CST, Sunday, Jan 14

Yeah, that promise above? Couldn’t do it. Couldn’t sit down in the chair long enough to type up the post, too buzzed up on the meds (Norflex – a muscle relaxer and pain reliever, Tylenol 3 w/ Codeine – for pain, Medrol – an anti-inflammatory). What did I do? About 2 weeks before Christmas I reached for something on the floor of the closet and crichhhh, I felt something in my lower right back. I took care of that like I usually do (it’s a normal thing to happen a couple of times a year, ever since I fell through the attic to the dining room in my first house in 1992 – I’ll save that for another hilarious post, so I know what to do in terms of stretching, heat, OTC meds, etc). That pain went away in about 3 or 4 days. Then a week before Christmas I misjudged the distance between a curb and the step of a bus. Down I went into the street and twisted my foot. Didn’t realize at the time I had wonked out my back as well because the foot hurt.

Flash forward to January 6th – I was hurting so bad all day that I couldn’t sit in any position for more than about 3 or 4 mins. Then when I’d stand up it was like my body from the belly button down to the top of my legs was in a vise. A very strong vise. Kind of looked like Frankenstein walking. But not as funny. At 3pm that day I told my husband that I couldn’t take it anymore and would he please bring me to Urgent Care. (UC in Minn is a clinic you can go to on weekends when you can’t get to your regular dr, it’s better than the Emergency Room for this type of situation – but don’t go there for stitches or breaks, that’s for the ER for sure.)

Once I got there I only had to wait about 20 mins which is unheard of at UC. Usually, I’ve waited about an hour before seeing anyone. Once I was brought back to the room the nurse took my bp and it was 165/100. For me that is terribly high, I’m a typical 120/80 (even being a big girl I’ve got good bp). She said that was likely due to the pain I was in. I’m still not sure how that is related but I believed her. Anything to convince them I needed meds. Now.

After she took my temp she said the doctor should be in in just a few minutes (read: 30 mins usually). But the dr was there in 5 mins. I was shocked. She went through the routine; she had me bend as far as I could forward, backward, to the sides, etc. She decided I needed a muscle relaxer (yippee!) so she prescribed Flexeril.

By Monday I was still hurting. I went to work late and came home early. Didn’t make it in at all on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday the 10th I worked about 10 hours with only a half hour away from my desk. I did get up often to try and move around and each time I did I felt worse. Why in hell wasn’t that med working? That night I called my husband at work and was near tears, told him if I was still feeling this way on Thursday when he got home that I would like to go to the ER. So that was the plan for Thursday.

I also talked to my BF and she said don’t go to the ER, you’ll end up getting something for the pain but they’ll tell you to go to your doctor anyway to help determine the real problem. That made sense since it would also mean I’d have two bills for the same issue. So instead of the ER on Thursday morning, I didn’t go to work on Thursday, called the doctor’s office and played phone tag for a few hours trying to get in to see him. Finally, the nurse called and said I could get in on Friday but that until then they’ll get me some Tylenol 3 w/ Codiene. Hubby went and picked that up, I took it and then fell asleep on the floor while knitting. (Have you ever tried knitting lying down on your side on the floor? I was only successful with a couple of potholders because I would be felting them, I didn’t dare try anything else. LOL!)

Finally on Friday I go see the dr. He has x-rays taken and in between the L5 vertabrae and S1 he discovers there isn’t much space. There should always be space between your vertabrae. Mine, he said, was either a pinched nerve (that would be bad because it could mean surgery) or it’s swollen (that would be good because that meant that all these meds and stretching and heat pads would do the trick). So he prescribed the meds I mentioned at the beginning of this obnoxiously long post. When I started this post yesterday, I thought I was good to go sitting down at the pc. I wasn’t. But now, my body seems to have adjusted to all those meds I’m taking (dang it) so I’m no longer feeling like a stoner from the 70’s. Oh well. The good thing though? I can knit sitting up!!! Wahoo!

Yes, there is progress on knitting. I’ll add the pictures later today to the items listed.


A pair of socks made from camel for yours truly.

My Lucy Lu sweater from my very own knitalong I set up

Baby sweater


Felted potholders for the potholder and recipe swap. I booboo’d here. I forgot to take a picture so I’ll ask the person I sent them to if she’ll post a picture or email me one. That was yesterday. See what I mean about the meds?? No brains.

Felted wool & mohair mittens (actually, this picture is in the flickr sidebar, I was making a lighter colored sample for my pattern)

Baby booties for my friend RG’s new baby, up in the Great Maybe not so White Northern part of Canada there, eh? Um, I didn’t get a picture of these either so I’ll have to get a picture from RG. Meds again? Probably.

Hat for my husband’s friend – this I have a picture for, believe it or not. 

Okay, I’ve been sitting long enough. It’s time to read the Sunday paper and sip some java and let the meds for the day kick in. 

Enjoy your day, ya’ll!


5 Responses to "Post Watch…Post Has Arrived…Very Long…"

I hope you get to feeling better. It is amazing how a simple injury can be so disabling. Even with a twisted ankle you can get around on crutches. I hope it all works itself out.

Oh, Patty, I’m so glad you’re feeling better!! I had no idea you were in such pain when you said you ‘hurt your back’!! I’d love to see the felted pot holders! What a good idea. I did KNIT the moose and apple and then knit a back and sewed them together with felt inside (didn’t take a picture, either, no excuse, not on meds). Maybe I’ll try felting them for pot holders 2, then I wouldn’t have to stuff and sew but then I wouldn’t be able to try a new design…hmmm, decisions, decisions…Hope you are 100% soon!
Ciao and Hugs!! Kathleen

oh my gosh you poor girl – sorry to hear your back is so sore :o( Take Care xox

For someone so out of commission, you’ve been quite prolific!

Hope it’s the swelling thing. My mom had back surgery in September and for about six weeks she was miserable. Once she started PT, she was thrilled that she had the surgery because she felt so much better.

I had to go check my blog – I couldn’t remember the name of mom’s procedure – a lower lumbar laminectomy. A bulging disc was pushing on the spinal cord, so they went in and carved out the bone to make room for the spinal cord. Yucky, but she was glad she had it done.

Great website. I can get boistrous with my smooth memory I have read a good joke in internet 😉 What do you call a nun who walks in her sleep? A roaming Catholic.

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