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Pictures and A Few Words

Posted on: January 21, 2007

Go to my flickr site to see larger shots…scroll down my sidebar to get the link. 🙂 

Ornament hangers from my BF for Christmas (she made these, they’re small, maybe 3 inches in length). (Dorky me, I deleted a bunch of pictures in flickr so I no longer have the links in my posts so I’m editing. )Aren’t they gorgeous?

   Plant starters – also from my BF (they’re about 15 inches long in total, the bottles maybe 5 inches long). These are so pretty, even without plants in them.


Bed socks made from camel yarn I made for my mother-in-law – originally I was going to make them for me but they were too big. So this pair goes to her and I’ll make myself a pair that fits.

More later this week, going to go read. Hubby is off cross-country skiing so I have the house to myself. Shhhhhhhh…..don’t tell anyone. 🙂


6 Responses to "Pictures and A Few Words"

What cool gifts you got!!! Did she make them?

Those are gorgeous!! I would love to give one of the plant starters to my mom (whose green thrumb can make a 2×4 grow). Did she make them/buy them? If she made them would she be willing to sell one to me? Inquiring minds want to know! 😉

Love the beadwork! Very pretty stuff.

Love the way your sidebar links show the pic of the blog. HOW’D ya do that?? (And why am I not on your sidebar? 🙂 !!!! )


I did post the muffin recipes on the 13 January 2007. I don’t remember signing up for anything else.


Hi Patty, this is the first time I’ve had a look at your new digs! Too bad there is no easy way to keep tabs on journals on multiple blogging sites. Hope you are feeling better, take care!

Cousin Julia

Gorgeous bead work – I am turning green with envy here.

I had forgotten I was in the soup/stew swap! I signed up for the vegetarian one, and I thought I had dropped the regular one. Ooops — anyways, sorry for flaking on you – your recipes are in the mail today. I hope you like them!


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