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When It Rains, It Pours

Posted on: January 25, 2007

I’ve been so darn busy being back at work after hurting my back that I haven’t had time to think about blogging. Well, since I want to thank many people I have an excuse to come out here. 🙂 

In no particular order, well, chocolate has to come first. Sorry ya’ll. Tori is one of the people in my SP9 group that I help hostess. She has sent me a thank you for being such a fun Secret Pal hostess (that’s a quote, I’m not making this up) and guess what?? It’s chick chocolates (she bought them through Seattle Chocolates Online)…OMG. These are so unreal. I’ve heard rumors that this chocolate is out of sight and guess what, they’re right. She sent me a 6 pack of the Extreme Chick – chick chocoloates, the description says: dark chocolate with cocoa nibs. Thump. Oh, that was me – I fell on the floor after tasting another one of the candies (my back is okay, though, thanks). Damn. I really needed these today (and tomorrow and Saturday…). Thank you, Tori!!!! You Rock!

I also received (excuse me, licking my lips here) my stitchmarkers from Kadi in Canada, very pretty purple and gold – I’ll put these to use right away on my KAL! Thank you, Kadi!! I also received some orange stitchmarkers from Sherry, thank you also.

What else. Oh yeah, more recipes. I signed up for a couple of recipe swaps on swap-bot and today I received more recipes. The other day I received some from South Africa (muffin recipes – yum!) and today’s are from Anna in Canton, Ohio. These look awesome. I have to remember to go out and rate her right after blogging. Thank you to Anna and to Simone in South Africa, great recipes from you both!

 As I mentioned at the beginning I am really busy at work and I don’t see things slowing anytime soon. In a way that’s good – time goes by quickly and that means Stitches in February will be here sooner. Can’t wait to fly to California! I plan to go to downtown San Jose on that Saturday to check it out, hopefully visit a museum or some other historical place. I’ll be taking their light rail system so hopefully something will be fairly close to the system. (Reminder to self…do research on downtown SJ, CA!)

Okay, I did the math last night on my KAL (I reworked the pattern to a smaller size needle, the 13’s sucked, now I’m on 11’s – my swatch turned out really nice) and I’m anxious to get started on the sweater. I want it done for Stitches so I really need to crank on it.

Enjoy your evenings, everyone.

3 Responses to "When It Rains, It Pours"

Glad to see I’m finally on your sidebar!

Blog Kadi’s stitch markers – I wanna see!!!

Yay! you got my markers!!!!!! Hope you like them!

So jealous! You get to go to Stitches!
I will expect blow-by-blow blogging upon return!

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