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Posted on: January 28, 2007

I’m signed up for ONE more swap on swap-bot and then I’m done with swap-bot. There are just too many people who burn others by not sending their stuff. The one I’m doing is called paper album swap. I was actually going to drop on Friday but the option wasn’t there. I’m not a scrapbooker so I don’t normally have the kind of supplies you need for this. But I went to Archiver’s at the MOA and picked up a kit that had paper, stickers, 3D stuff and went to town on it. I think it’s kind of cool. On each of the inside pages I put a letter that by the end of the album you get the whole word – BELIEVE. I’m only going to post the final product picture here, if you want to see the other pages head over to my flickr account (the link is on the left hand sidebar). (I deleted the pictures.) The little 3D thing on it says Live The Life You Have Imagined. Sort of sets the mood for the album, eh? I decided to leave the ribbons long so the recipient can tie them in a bow or just cut them way down.


I keep forgetting to put the picture of a hat I made a friend of ours so here it is:

 Sideview of hat on la munchie jar

 Top view of hat on la munchie jar – don’t know if you can see them but there are some weird loop things happening in my dec/inc, not sure what happened but hopefully won’t happen on the next hat. Looks odd to me.

 Hat on counter

Oh, how about Kadi’s stitchmarkers I received in a swap? Thanks again, Kadi!

Some of you asked about where to get the Christmas gifts I received from my BF. The planter jars you can get at www.theparagon.com, the product number is 2653. The ornament hangers you’ll be able to buy from my BF in about a month. She’s going to be selling them, don’t know for how much or any details at this point so hang tight for an announcement on that.

I signed up for Project Spectrum 2.0, have any of you ever done that? It looks very interesting to me. How do I describe this in a nutshell? You craft something – or many things – in any manner you like, be it painting, knitting, photography, etc…something in the color spectrum Lolly has chosen for the given timeframe. The February / March timeframe colors are Blue, White and Gray. Which fits in perfectly for my KAL sweater which is blue. I have no idea if I’ll knit something for each one or if maybe I’ll break out and do one of my other hobbies (like stained glass). We’ll see.

Time for laundry. Enjoy your week, everyone!


4 Responses to "Just Stuff"

Hope you like the stitch markers!

Hey P
Next time you need scrapbook help, give me a holler. I was a master scrapper before I moved into the knitting arena. My office is half knitting nook/half scrapbook room.

I signed up for Project Spectrum as well, I also am in Mama-E’s Project Spectrum sock club, so I’ll be (what else?) knitting socks for each color “assignment”!

I like the bucket hat – what pattern did you use?

Hi Patty,
Just letting you know that it looks like I also got burned on the potholder/recipe swap on Swap-Bot. It was my first swap, too, so not a great start. 😦 Love the album and the hat. They both look great!

I recently signed up for 2 more swaps. Keeping my fingers crossed I don’t get burnt I have been very fortunate getting great swap pals.

The Album is great, wished I was more crafty.

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