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The Party’s Over…

Posted on: February 1, 2007

Yep, SP9 is officially over. And to those who have sent me emails in the last couple of days about SP9 issues and potholder swap issues, I will be getting to you either tonight or tomorrow night. Unfortunately, there are quite a few issues and it’s going to take some time for me to get these straightened out, just don’t feel I’m ignoring you, I promise that I’m not!

My SP9 spoiler has revealed herself to be Susan Sharon (sorry, Sharon) from Gimmesanity, I cannot wait to go check her blog out. She recently returned from a trip to Columbia, I still don’t now why she went there but I’m sure her blog will fill me in. (EDITED Sat, 2/3: I was so excited to tell you all about my fun goodies that I got her name wrong. Doh…)

Susan, Sharon, you really did go above and beyond in SP9, thank you so very, very much!! The goodies I received today – along with finding out who you are – were so cool and so much fun…hubby got right into one of the Columbian chocolate packages and promptly declared them “good”! Said they tasted sort of like coffee, malted milk ball and chocolate together. I, of course, had to try one and agree completely. 🙂

The yarn is beautiful and the candy, so fun! The Takumi needles were a lovely treat, I’ve just recently been buying those instead of the Clover other brand (can’t think of it but realized later that it’s not Clover) ones, they’re so much smoother. The crochet hook – always can use that! I love the knitting needle coils, I gave some of those to one of my SP’s (can’t remember if that was SP8 or 9) and I never kept any for me. What else…oh yeah, the Wool Butter, which I just opened and tried. I like this, it doesn’t feel greasy like some do. And it’s almost unscented (excellent!). There are two more things I have to thank you for – the bracelet from Columbia (handmade, it’s on my wrist right now) and the MONEY!! Susan Sharon is so cool she sent me $2,000!!! She did, I swear to you she did. So hope in the future you get her because she’s rich! Ok, so it’s from Columbia and as she pointed out in her card, the $2,000 bill is actually worth less than a dollar. Then she apologized. LOL!!

Thank you Susan, Sharon, this has been a great time. But I really have to go now as I need to check your blog to find out about your trip.

Ah…the pictures.

 Zara yarn, gorgeous!! Very pretty burgandy, more in the blue tones than the orange.

 The yarn at the back is a skein of Rowan kid mohair – really pretty color, a cross between eggplant and grape jelly. I see a pair of wristers in my future.


 Squishy candy…maybe to go in water as a drink?? Turns out this is some kind of caramel you squeeze into your mouth. Hmmm. Let’s get hubby, he’ll try anything.

 The bracelet!

The money – told you so.


5 Responses to "The Party’s Over…"

You got some pretty awesome stuff! Lucky you!

Looks like I’ll be hostessing SP10! Shelby says I’m 2nd in list, and she’ll probably be needing me as participants start signing up! Thanks for nominating me! WOOHOO!


Wow! Lots of stuff! That Zara yarn is beautiful. So who is the guy on the 2000 peso bill? He looks like he just ate a lemon!

I just signed up for SP 10 yesterday!

I added a link over here to my sidebar yesterday, so now I’ll be lurking all the time!

Hi Patty!

Wow. What great stuff. What is wool butter?


So much cool stuff!! You are one lucky gal. Isn’t it great when you have a good pal?

I’m glad you liked the goodies, chica! Did you try the SpongeBob stuff yet? We have some here, but we have yet to crack them open. I figure I’d let you or the hubby be the guinea pigs. haha.

Oh, and Guinifer’s comment totally made me LOL. I have no idea who he is, but he is looking a bit puckered.

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