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Posted on: February 11, 2007

I just added 14 new sets of stitchmarkers to my etsy shop – check them out. Locations I’m willing to ship to are: anywhere in the US, Canada and the UK. So long as you can pay me as required per my etsy shop, I’ll accept an order. The link to my shop is on my sidebar.

Ever have one of those days that you crave something and you know darn well that if you don’t eat that particular thing. you’ll snarf down everything else in sight and not be the least bit satisfied? That was me today. For some reason I woke up wanting popovers. Oh man, I love popovers. There used to be a restaurant in the basement of the Dayton’s stores that included them with every meal. Guinifer, did you ever have these? Anyway, I knew I had to make them but I also knew I would eat them all to myself so I told myself no. That didn’t last long, I gave in after about an hour of not wanting to eat anything at all in case I caved. I caved!!

Into the cupboard I went and I found a package of popover mix that only required water (and such a LONG waiting time…….). I made those suckers and promptly ate two of them with a little butter. Oh, my. Heavenly goodness. Then I wrapped up each of the other 4 in foil and plopped them in the fridge. We’ll eat them later this week with soup or something. It was so worth making and I feel zero guilt.

To Marie who asked what Wool Butter was (I received it as part of my final package from my secret pal, Sharon): it’s a hand cream. It’s so nice and smooth and not greasy. I don’t see a website addy on the container so I don’t know if we can get it online or not. Sharon?

To Sharon: I finally convinced hubby to try the Spongebob Squarepants caramel stuff. He loved it. He had it on a cookie but said it would be great on ice cream! I love the mints myself. 🙂

To Guinifer: Would you believe this is my 6th Stitches event I’m attending? The one coming up in California is my 3rd time there and this summer in August, I’ll be going to the Midwest one in Illinois for the 4th time. I never get tired of going. They’re my mini-vacations – I get that king sized bed all to myself, I can crank the AC as high as I want and boy, do I get knitting done. Someday you’ll have to check out at least the Illinois one, it’s just a few miles from Chicago O’Hare airport. And if you order your ticket far enough ahead of time (I usually start looking about now for my August flight), you can really get a heck of a deal. Stitches also has an agreement with one of the hotels near the convention center so you can get a discount there as well. 🙂

Well, it’s Sunday which means I have to get some laundry done. Bye ya’ll! 


5 Responses to "Stuff, Stuff & More Stuff"

LOL – I love how you really did use the hubby as the guinea pig. The butter was from my LYS. I think it’s a local thing because I’ve never seen it anywhere else.

Man, now I want to make some popovers.

I just checked out your Etsy Shop – very nice additions!

Gosh, that was a long time ago, but I remember the Popovers. The Rainbow Cafe down on Lake & Hennepin used to serve them too, I think. That does sounds kindof good – I’m actually heading to Kowalski’s for lunch – my house is a mess and if I hang around, I may cry.

I’ll bop over to etsy in a bit!

ohh I think they have a similar hand cream at my LYS.

they started a whole display on hand potions and tonics… it’s like a yarn spa on that side of the room. [I try to avoid it as I’ll spend even more $$ at my LYS] but it looks luxurious!

Your Etsy shop. I’ve never shopped there.

You know, for a high-tech geek I can be very slowwww/

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