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I’m Back From Stitches – Did Ya Miss Me?

Posted on: February 27, 2007

Yeah, I know, I changed the template – again. But those darn wordpress folks keep coming up with new templates so I have to keep trying them as they come out. Like the yarn? Can anyone guess what it is? If you can guess it, I’ll send you a skein of yarn from my stash. I won’t promise what kind of yarn you’ll get but you won’t get acrylic. Seriously, give it a shot, people. I dare ya. 🙂

I’ll give you all until Friday, March 2nd at noon CST to leave a comment on my blog with your guess. I’ll put all of the names that have the right answer into a bag, and the name I draw will be the winner.  I’ll announce it Friday night on my blog.

So, Stitches. Hmm. What do I think about it? Well, I really enjoyed all three workshops I took and I had a really great time going to the Egyptian Museum in San Jose (I took the light rail and transferred to a bus, dropped me right across the street from the museum). Let me just say, the Egyptians were awesome people and the woman were worshiped. I’ll have to share some of the museum experience with you in another post. This post is about yarn and knitting. Yeah, baby.

1. I took a workshop called The Wonders of Steeks. Even though I had only knitted basic one color swatches, I was nervous to cut. But the instructor assured us that the knitting will not fall apart. She was right. It’s a wonderful technique to use if you want to knit your whole sweater in the round. You include extra stitches strategically placed which become your ‘steeks’, it’s there that you cut and then pick up stitches to work your sleeves or your front edges for a cardigan or a v-neck. You get the idea.

2. I also took a workshop called Beautiful Beaded Borders from Candace Eisner-Strick. This woman cracks me up. She’s always trying to find a nice young single lady for her 3 sons – one for each, that is. So she makes sure everyone knows that her sons are all eligible. Anyway, her class was about including beads at the borders of your knitting, very cool and not over done at all. You know how sometimes beading or knitted flowers or other object de art (how do you spell that?) are just obnoxious? This wouldn’t be. I could really see using her techniques on a hem of a plain sweater or on the cuffs. Just to add a little punch of personality.

3. The last one I took was The Wonders of Linen Stitch with Karen Alfke. Those who are in the Socks That Rock Club might recognize her name. She did the sock pattern last year that had you making a cuff in linen stitch that had 2 buttons and then you picked up the stitches from the bottom of the cuff to finish the sock. Really cool – so cool that I am now inspired to pick up where I left off with my socks from that pattern. Yes, they’ve been sitting undone for quite sometime now. She showed us how cool it was to use two colors in the linen stitch and how it looks even more complicated than it really is. It’s a very flat stitch, in fact, it looks a LOT like weaving. Think placemats and the density of the fabric and that’s what you get with this stitch. It’s truly awesome.

I will get some pictures taken of my swatches and place them out here by next weekend. I also have some pictures of the goodies I bought. The market was insane, as usual. Thank goodness that members (those who are taking classes or teaching them) are always allowed to buy the Thursday before it opens to the public. It gets so busy, holy moley.

The flight there was uneventful but coming back was a ‘Murphy’s Law’ flight. Because of the snowstorms here in the midwest and the east, flights going out of San Jose were late because flights going IN to San Jose from the midwest and east coast were late. We were supposed to leave SJ at 12:10, we didn’t even get on the plane until 1:25 and didn’t start leaving until about 1:40. Someone must have gotten sick up front before we even left so that delayed us as the cleaning crew came on board to clean it up. Then we lost our place in line to depart due to that delay. Then in Mpls we had to wait to taxi up to our gate because there was someone there and then, as if that weren’t enough, the folks who line up the ramp to the plane couldn’t get it to line up so we waited probably 15 mins before they could open the door to the plane and let us out. I had a window seat so I just sat there and did my puzzle book. Oh, get this. One woman, as we were waiting to get to our gate decided she was going to go to the bathroom. Yes, we’re just sitting on the tarmac but the flight attendants said multiple times, even though we aren’t moving you must remain seated. So this woman gets up, the flight attendant goes ballistic – mam, sit down, you must sit down, now, sit down!! I just want to go to the bathroom. Doesn’t matter, you have to sit down, now! What does the passenger do? She starts to go back to her seat but turns around and goes back to the bathroom anyway. Some people, I tell ya. 😉

4 Responses to "I’m Back From Stitches – Did Ya Miss Me?"

The yarn is either Koigu (hmm- I will have to look up the number of the shade I think it might be) or Apple Laine’s Apple Pie yarn, in Painted Daisy.

Sounds like you had a great time!

I’m going to say Koigu – but I’ve never seen Koigu, so I’m taking the chance!

Welcome home – glad you had a nice trip.

Hmmm. Yarn Pirate?

I know what yarn it is – he he. But I guess that wouldn’t count. I will keep it a secret. It is not Koigu though, it is actually prettier than Koigu.

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