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Posted on: March 7, 2007

Can you believe it? I just get back from Stitches West and it’s already time to sign up for Stitches Midwest – sign ups start tomorrow. Here’s the link to Stitches.

For those who are not in the know, Stitches is an event where knitters of all levels can have a grand time. There are workshops galore, a market to drool through and great people to meet. I spent too much in California but how often do I get to splurge like that?? That reminds me, I never did tell you all what I bought. I’ll have to do that tomorrow. 🙂

I plan to take the Advanced Design Techniques workshop and the Lining ‘a la Chanel workshop. They’re each 6 hour workshops so they’ll be somewhat intense, I’m sure, but a lot of fun as well. I even booked my flight already, what a deal, I got my ticket for $133.

Now I just have to wait for August. But right now I’ll settle for April just to get rid of this snow. Ta ta!


4 Responses to "Stitches Midwest"

How are the stitches events? There’s one in Baltimore in October, about 20 miles from my parents house. I was going to fly out there (love working for an airline sometimes) to go, but am wondering if it’s worth a special trip and the cost of a dog babysitter.

I would say it depends on whether or not you see workshops that are right for you. Check out the Midwest class schedule and feel free to ask me about any of the instructors, I’ve taken a ton of the workshops so I’m happy to offer my input.

One other thing, the flights going east are much more expensive than to Chicago. I got my flight for $133 as I said so to me that’s a steal. That’s why I haven’t done the east coast one.

If you have someone to go with you can split the hotel costs. I’m selfish and I snore (quietly) so I splurge and have a room to myself.

I’m still up in the air about the classes I want to take at Midwest. There is only one that has really caught my eye. I’ll let you know what days I think I’ll be in Chicago. Maybe we can meet up!

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