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Yarn, Yarn and More Yarn

Posted on: March 7, 2007

Edited 3.9.07 – I’ll get pictures of my goods out here this weekend. 🙂 

Well, I didn’t buy that much yarn but I did spend a lot. But hey, I got a bonus so I should be able to splurge, right? Here’s a list of the goods: 

1 ball/skein of Suri Alpaca from Windy Valley Muskox  (about $23), 218 yards. It’s a superfine lace weight yarn in a charocoal blue color.

1 ball/skein of Qiviuk, also from Windy Valley Muskox ($63 < == not a typo). It’s also 218 yds, and a natural light brown color and it’s real muskox fiber. The reason I bought it was that from everything I’ve read about this stuff (see the book Arctic Lace), it will keep me 2 – 3 times warmer than wool. So I’ll be making a scarf out of it or a neck gaiter. And you know we need that in this state!

2 skeins of Koigu KPPPM in colorway 323 – muted colors of yellow, purple, blue green, burgandy ($12 each)

1 skein of Mountain Colors in the colorway (I think) Lodgegrass. Really pretty. ($21)

10 skeins of Jager Roma (it’s a mix of Viscose, Nylon and Angora) in a light denim shade, #003 (about $40)

10 skeins of Valley Yarns – Longmeadow (mix of Cotton and Microfiber) in Lilac (about $45)

One pattern (can you believe that?? I usually come home with a dozen but nothing was jumping out at me) – from Knitting Pure & Simple, #241, called Neckdown V Neck Shaped Cardigan.

I almost forgot, 2 skeins of some yarn for my crochet kit swap person along with some other goodies for another swap.

I also went to the Egyptian Museum and bought some goodies there, 2 books and 2 magnets. I wish they had t-shirts, Frank would have loved one with an Egyptian symbol on it.

I know that a lot of you are wishing you only spent what I did, but I just don’t knit fast enough to justify spending or buying more. Plus I’ll be going to Illinois in August and will just have to buy some more at that time. LOL!

Ok, enough about my goodies -it’s time to go knit something with one of them. Enjoy your evening all!

p.s. My best friend was over recently and when I asked her how much she thought I spent on the Qiviuk she said $20, I said higher, she said $25, I said, nope, $63. Her response? DOLLARS?????


3 Responses to "Yarn, Yarn and More Yarn"

What?? No pictures of the yarny goodness?

August, hmmm?

I read a magazine article about that musk ox yarn and how expensive it was. I don’t know if I can envision spending that much on one ball. I knit almost nothing that takes so little yarn. I have a love of the big projects.

My mom wants me to knit her an afghan (she’s buying the yarn). I want her to like a pattern from Melissa Leapman’s Cables Untangled that I really want to knit *fingers crossed*.

I’m knitting a Dale of Norway sweater on size 3 needles that takes 23 skeins of yarn (probably a little less really, I’m using the leftovers to make a felted Fair Isle bag).

I love that book! Melissa Leapman is my hero. Seriously. I’ve had numerous workshops with her over the years and she’s just an incredible individual.

I like to knit small and large projects so the musk ox will be perfect for something small just for me. I have a tendancy to only knit for others so I may as well do something special for me. 🙂

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