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SP10 and Shameless Advertising

Posted on: March 14, 2007

Shameless advertising will be the lead for each of my posts through the end of the month. You have been warned. 🙂

Stitchmarker Sale! 

The shipping price per set of stitchmarkers at my etsy shop has dropped dramatically until March 31st, 2007.

Only 50 cents per set of stitchmarkers will be charged whether you live in the U.S., Canada or the U.K.


Yeah, SP10 has started! I’ve been out to my pal’s blog and retrieved wonderful information about this person from the very well filled out Q&A that we all need to do. I’m already debating how I’m going to do it this time – should I do one package a month, one big one at the end or just randomly send them. Hm. Best to think of what will be going IN said packages first, eh? Then I’ll figure out how I’ll send. I already have a few ideas about the items but I’m not sharing. Ha ha.

For SP9 I had someone from my own state, in fact, she lives probably all of 15 miles from me. Maybe closer! That was tricky because I didn’t want her to think I was from the same state so I made up a whole different blog that was just for us so I didn’t have to just leave comments on her blog and so she could respond that way in stead of email – or in addition to, told her someone else in Minnesota was sending her stuff for me. It was a blast, she had a lot of fun and so did I. But I almost blew it at the end, man, that was tricky. But worth it.


For one of the workshops I’m taking in August it requires that you actually have a jacket ready to line. Oh boy. So I perused my magazines and found one that I liked (Knitter’s Magazine – Winter 2003, Tawny Tweed is the pattern name – I’ll post pictures of my progress and a picture from the mag at a later date) and ordered the yarn today. It’s made with a chunky yarn which I tend to avoid – I’m not exactly small so knits made with chunky yarn don’t look as nice on me as ones that are a bit more dense. But since it’s a jacket I decided to order it anyway and give it a shot. I found this place called Sealed With A Kiss. The yarn is called Outback Wool by Plymouth Yarns and I chose the Teals option. I was a little bummed but not surprised to be unable to find the yarn used in the magazine, but it has been 4 years and we know how quickly yarns come and go.

Anyway, if you have the magazine and can look at this, my plan is to lengthen the jacket slightly and only do a contrasting color on the front edges and the shawl collar. The pattern calls for a contrast color on the hem and the cuffs but I’m skipping that. Also, the pattern calls for a rib on the hem, I’ll maybe do a linen stitch, ribbing is not a ‘fluffy’ person’s best friend. But linen stitch is as it stays flat! Oh, you’ll see that the yarn is actually an aran/worsted weight but as I’m using a much larger needle I think it will be fine. In fact, I think it will be better based on what I just said above about size. The yarn label says it will get 16 sts over 4 inches on an 8 but I’ll be working on a 13 and will need 10 over 4. I’ll make it work – you watch.

Must fly, ta ta!


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