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Minnesota Craft Volunteers

Posted on: March 17, 2007

I decided not to include my shamless advertising in this post and here’s why. I’ve got something more important to share with you. I’ve just created a new blog for volunteerism. I’ve long been involved with volunteering especially for issues concerning kids (I’m a pen pal with a 5th grader this year) and for charity organizations. It bugs me that I can’t find the information that I want in one place. So what better way to find it then to put it together myself. It will take a bit to get to where I feel it’s complete, but I hope you enjoy the process with me as much as the end product.

As stated on the blog:

I created this blog to bring together those of us who are willing to donate our time to making lives of those less fortunate than ourselves, just a little bit better. One knitted, crocheted, or sewn item at a time. 

The blog is called Minnesota Craft Volunteers. It is certainly not restricted to Minnesotan’s – I just wanted to have a blog name that would bring in more hits (that darn selfish advertising again!) so it would get a lot of traffic. So everyone is welcome to check it out!

Please feel free to leave me any thoughts on what you think would be helpful at a volunteer blog -seriously – this is in its infancy so any and all information would be taken into consideration. This blog won’t be just for me, remember, it’s for all of us. If you do want to send me an email about this, I’ve set one up just for the blog and it’s called minnvolunteer@yahoo.com.

Thanks all – enjoy your evening!


2 Responses to "Minnesota Craft Volunteers"

That is a wonderful thing you are doing!

I’ve almost figured out what classes I’ll be taking at Stitches Midwest . Are you taking any classes this year?

Thanks – I’ve been wanting to do this, the volunteer blog, for a long time. No better time than the present!

For Stitches I’m taking Lining a La Chanel with Jean Frost (6 hours) and the Barry Klein class that’s also 6 hours called Advanced Design Techniques. Really challenging myself this time. How about you? What have you decided on?

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