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Some People’s Kids

Posted on: March 23, 2007

We have a couple of young kids (fresh out of college) working in our group now and clearly they have NO manners when it comes to food.


Yesterday the tax department had Chinese food brought in and they put the leftovers in the common fridge. One of the kids in our group went into the fridge this morning to put his lunch in there, saw the food containers and went digging, opened one of the containers (it was cream cheese puffs), reached in with his HAND and grabbed a handful of the puffs and starts eating right there. The woman who saw this (she works in our group, too) says, excuse me I’d like to put my lunch in there. He backs out of the fridge (but grabs a couple more puffs first), doesn’t close the foil on the container and walks away. How disgusting. Where does this sense of entitlement come from?? What a jerk.

2 Responses to "Some People’s Kids"

I hate that! Some people grow up with no manners what so ever. I had a neighbor who came over opened my fridge saw the newly fresh pasta put her hand in it and grabbed some out. I was completely disgusted and threw it out.

btw how are you? Sorry been away from blogging derby has been overwhelming lately.

Oy. Never ceases to amaze me. Our fridge gets so disgusting, I’ve taken to cleaning it myself so I don’t feel revolted every time I put my lunch in there. I found a container in the back of the fridge that used to contain milk – it was so old it had curdled into a SOLID. (And the owner had written her initials on it – full-grown adult.) People just forget about shared-space manners, I guess. *shudder*

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