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Posted on: March 23, 2007

My hostess for SP10 has a contest set up for her group. We’re to write about our favorite knitting accessory, those of us who do will have our name put in a drawing and one of us will win some stitchmarkers. Though I’m pretty full up on stitchmarkers I’ll play along anyway. 🙂

I would have to say my favorite accessory is my set of wood cable stitch holders by ?? (can’t remember but they aren’t Brittany’s, thought they were by Fibre or Fiber something). I bought the 3 pack last August in Illinois at Stitches and let me tell you, they are the cat’s meow. There are 3 sizes, each one is like a mini-length double point needle (they’re only about 3 inches long) and every so often there is a ridge cut into the holder. That’s what helps the yarn stay on the holder. LOVE THEM! I have used all kinds before and in fact before I found these, I just used a different double point needle. But I found that method to be a bit of a hassle as the needle was so long. I’ll stick a picture out here tonight so you can see what I mean (since I can’t find a site that sells them).

Enjoy your day!


1 Response to "SP10 Contest"

I too love the straight cable needles. I recently ordered some from Knit Picks and they have grooves in them – they are really nice. A friend turned me on to these – I had been using the curved cable needles and I had no idea what I was missing until I tried the straight ones.

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