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Catching Up

Posted on: March 25, 2007

From the Knitting Necessities Swap I received from Mo an awesome retro fabric pouch which contained a clear Chibi, a tape measure, a needle gauge, point protectors, really cute stitch markers – hearts and 2 adorable raccoons, some row markers, a stitch holder and as if that wasn’t enough, she even included a size 10 circular needle (Takumi by Clover). Awesome job, Mo! Thank you!

For the Little Hand Bag Swap I sent this to Jo in Australia. I haven’t received my bag yet but the end date is the 26th so I’m sure it’s on its way. It’s a tiny little bag about 3.5 or 4 inches wide, just wide enough and deep enough to hold credit cards or driver’s license. I used some Socks That Rocks yarn and a linen stitch, made a long piece of knitting, blocked it, sewed a lining to it (need to do this differently next time), sewed up the sides, added snaps and a button. The button is just decorative. The interior lining is a periwinkle color. Jo said she really liked it and I was so pleased! I sent her some Minnesota stuff as well, a magnet and some pencils.

And last but not least, something that’s actually not swap related – a needle holder I made for myself last weekend. The briefcase I was using was driving me nuts so I picked up some fabric, some velcro and some thread -$12  and 4 hours later I had a needle holder.


If you want to see the needle holder up close, head over to my flickr account. ===> http://www.flickr.com/photos/knitgirl63/

 Must fly…ta ta.


1 Response to "Catching Up"

That is a lovely bag you made. Also, the things you got from your knitting neccessities swap is cool too. Great idea for the circs.

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