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SP10 Contest #2

Posted on: April 1, 2007

Our lovely hostess for SP10 has another contest for us. She would like us to post a picture of our favorite thing we’ve knitted and we’ll be entered into a contest. And if we have a picture of our least favorite thing, we’ll be entered again. Or for a separate drawing. Something like that.

I’m torn for the favorite because I feel I’ve made a lot of truly lovely things that people have really appreciated. For Christmas 2005 I made my Mom a nice wool jacket from a pattern from that fall’s Knitter’s magazine. I worked on it in front of her at every one of my stitch and bitch parties, with her thinking it was for me! What a lot of fun it was to see her open her gift at our Christmas celebration and realize it was for her. I just loved that experience!

Front of sweater:


Back of sweater:

As for a picture of something I haven’t liked that I knitted, I didn’t think I had one but I did find one. I’m shocked. I usually rip them out and never take a picture. No sense in having reminders. I made this poncho in fall of 2005 and really, really, really liked the yarn. However, when I put it on it was so damn heavy I could hardly move. AND it did not drape at all (probably due to the weight of it) so I looked like I was wearing a blanket. That was the one and only time I have attempted a poncho. No mas! No mas! Since than the yarn has been rewound and awaits becoming something else.

Speaking of knitting, I’m off to get some knitting done. I spent the weekend making a needle holder for my BF (she knows about it but I’m not putting a pic out yet because she’s hasn’t seen it yet) and special gift for my SP10 person.

Enjoy your evenings.


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pppssst – this is Contest #3…..! Nice sweater!

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