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Swap Talk – Mucho Photos

Posted on: April 2, 2007

It’s a swapping kind of day – Happy Monday to ME!

I got home and I had two swap items to open up. One I had to go pick up at the post office and we got there with 10 mins to spare before they closed. I’m so glad I made it in time. I received my bag from the little handmade bag swap from Cristina who lives in Portugal. Even though the swap name says little bag she wrote in her note that she included: “It’s not very small, but we women like bigger bags to put everything in. Right?” And she IS right. Thank you for all of the wonderful goodies Cristina, this was a fun package to open because the surprises just kept coming!

This shot was taken so you can see the interior of the bag. I need to get a better picture of the yarn and the gorgeous necklace. My camera is charging right now and then I’ll get one out here.

Acck…should have used the tripod and this wouldn’t have been blurry. Sorry about that!

And for the keyring swap, I received the following from Brandon who spun the yarn himself – I believe the note says from a drop down spindle, no less. I’m impressed! I don’t have a blog name for him or I’d include a link for him. He included a stitchmarker that he also made. Great job, Brandon, thank you so much. What a great package!


2 Responses to "Swap Talk – Mucho Photos"

No problem! I am sorry that the ends were not weaved in >.

I’m very glad that you like your swap!!!
Thanks for the lovely words.:-)

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