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Posted on: April 15, 2007

Life’s been a bit hectic -but not in a bad way.  Going to bed now but will try to blog tomorrow night. Ta ta. 🙂

Edited 4/16/2007 with update for that last couple of weeks.

No big deals going on, just starting to study for another LOMA exam (LOMA is Life Office Management Association), just a finance / insurance thing. Looks good on a resume. Thing is, I got my books last week. Usually, you get a textbook and a study guide. This time I received 2 books and the study guide. I have to have everything read and be prepared for the exam by May 31st. I think the exam is actually the first week of June but you get the idea. There are over 600 pages of finance and insurance data to read and 23 chapter tests plus two test exams. That’s why I say I’ve been busy. But I’m also a dork. I read two chapters of the one book and it finally dawned on me I was reading the wrong book first. How did I figure that out? Because there were about 3 references (that I was obviously ignoring) that said “you should already be aware of or know this from reading the Fundementals of Investing book”. Duh.

I have been knitting a bit. Making progress on my nephew’s sweater – I am at the pit split! Ha. Yes, it’s a top down raglan and I’m finally there. Whew. Was getting bit boring just knitting around and increasing every other row. Then I’ve been working on a sleeve for a jacket I’m making. I read somewhere that if you’re unsure if you really have the right gauge even after doing a swatch, start your garment by knitting the sleeve. You should pretty much know after a few inches if you’re off or not. Then you’ve got a lot less to rip out – should you need to – than you would have if you’d started with the traditional back first. I also made one sock and have begun the other.

Speaking of knitting, I ordered two knitting books from amazon.com (like I need more??), Knitting Sweaters From The Top Down and Knitting Cuff to Cuff and a surprise one for the SP10 person that I can’t share with you yet. But I’m pretty darn sure she will like it. I may have to order that one for myself.

 I also did some sewing. I decided to make my mom a zippered and lined bag for traveling. Or for whatever. It ended up being about 8 x 9. Tricky to do but I got it.

 I also made my very first eBay purchase. I bought 3 Virgil clowns (Virgil has a happy face on one side and a frown on the other, he’s about 4 inches high, this clown was made in the early 1990’s). I have three already so does having 6 make me a true collector? Hmm. You know, I didn’t have any idea how quickly I’d get them being a newbie to this. But I ordered them on Thursday last week and received them today. And wow, did they pack the crap out of them. That was awesome. I don’t know why she was selling three of them together but I scooped them up. Following are the pictures. The darker one is a root beer color. Logging off to go up and enjoy the weather.

p.s. Today is my 23rd anniversary with the company I work at. I’ve held 12 or 13 different positions during all of those years and the company has changed its name twice but I only changed mine once. 🙂

1 Response to "Busy…"

Your mom’s zip-bag turned out very nice. I love the lining fabric.

My kids would love those clowns – they have some shirts they wear (Hot Topic+boys=weirdness), one of them says “Can’t Sleep…Clowns Will Eat Me.” Weird.

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