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Bats n’ Bugs

Posted on: April 22, 2007

Last evening hubby and I sat on the deck and enjoyed a couple of cocktails. As the sun was going down we saw two bats above us, darting around and noshing on whatever bugs were up where they were. Awesome. I love watching bats. If you’ve seen a hummingbird move around then you have a little bit of an idea what bats do. They’re not as fast as hummingbirds but let me tell you, they can move fast and they can change direction in a heartbeat. Quite fun watching them. When we were on vacation in the southwest in 2000, we stayed at a place in Death Valley called Panamint Springs and holy cow, talk about a lot of bats. That was when I first became intrigued by them. Keep your eye out some evening, they won’t bother you – they just want the bugs. Trust me.

In Goodies News:

From my SP10 pal – she sent me a really cute stuffed turtle (I collect turtles), some stationary with my initial on it and a row counter. It was one that you put together yourself, very ingenious idea (and I’ve already put it together – of course – hey, I have a need for it right now! Has nothing to do with lack of patience to open stuff. Right.). Thank you, SP!!

Then I received my second set of stitchmarkers in the swap Robyn set up. Thank you to Julie for the sm’s and the cool knitter’s journal she included. She is the author and creator of this journal so I feel pretty special that mine was a gift. 🙂

Contact Julie at www.julieduffy.com/knits for more information on her journal. Thanks again, Julie!

Off to study. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone.


2 Responses to "Bats n’ Bugs"

Oh, you are so brave. I’ve had a bat in my house three times now, and they scare the heck out of me. That fast flying and darting just freaks me out.

You are quite the studying fool this spring, aren’t you? I love those stitch markers. Hey! I have some of those notecards!

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