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SP10 Contest #4

Posted on: April 28, 2007

Ms. Robyn – our SP10 hostess has another contest for us. Maybe I’ll have a better shot at this one, eh?

She would like us to talk about the oldest yarn in our stash, provide a picture if possible, talk about why we bought it and why do we still have it. 

I attended my first Stitches event in fall 2000 and fell in love with some purple wool yarn from Black Water Abbey. I then found a sweater pattern that day that I thought would be perfect for it. I went home, I circled my size and all of the other size notations on the pattern, got it all ready, made a swatch……..and ended up starting an afghan instead (which, incidentally, is still not done to this day – hey, it’s 80% done, I swear!).

Now I won’t even consider making it because even though I live in a cold state, I’d never wear it. You see, I’ve reached that lovely age where it’s summertime almost all the time for me, understand? So lovely as the yarn is, it won’t be for me. Sigh. Hey, I could host a contest and the yarn would be the prize. Hmmmm…will think about while sitting on the deck in the sunshine. Ta ta, ya’ll.

The pictures as requested for the contest:


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