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Posted on: May 20, 2007

Today I got up at the unusual time of 9:30 am. What a treat that was. I later took a walk to grocery store and picked up a few things. I realized halfway there that I should have had another layer on. It was ch-ch-chilly. Gave new meaning to nippy. When I got home I did some picking up in the living room and came upon a movie that I ordered from Netflix that I had forgotten about. So I made some coffee and sat down and watched it. It was such a sweet movie. It’s called 10 Items or Less starring Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega (she’s a very popular Spanish actress). The gist of the story is that an aging actor is stranded at a grocery store where he begins a conversation with the 10 Items or Less lane grocery clerk, later going on a trek through Los Angeles and sharing revalations about each other that neither of them ever thought they would with anyone else. As I said, it’s sweet and it’s funny. My husband would call this a ‘chick flick’ but I’d call it an ‘anybody’ flick.

Potted a bunch of plants this weekend. So much fun to get my hands dirty! Here’s a picture of the geranium I bought yesterday. The color name is Bubblegum. I’d say that’s appropriate, wouldn’t you?

I also have a finished object to share, if you can believe that. I finished a pair of socks and also finished one other sock. Only thing is, I can’t remember what the yarn is for the completed pair. It might be Mountain Colors or ?? I’ll have to look for the band. I don’t like how the cuff is, it’s supposed to have a rolled edge but I wish I had just done the regular ribbing. I still like them though, so you can’t have them! The other finished sock is a pattern from a magazine I have and I used the latest yarn received from the Socks that Rocks Club, it’s a combination of silk and wool. It’s super soft. I didn’t care for the pattern that came with it, hence, the one I chose.


Thank you, by the way, for the wonderful support and good wishes about the job. I’m really excited. It’s time for a change since I’ve been doing the same thing now for 2 years. I’ll find out more in the next week or so about how the transition will work. But for now, I don’t care. I’m moving on. 🙂

My SP10 hostess is having another contest – we have been asked to post a picture of our WIP’s and note how old they are and why they aren’t done yet.

I’ll post from oldest to newest – there are only 4. Can you believe that????? Course, I no longer hang on to things I don’t really want to finish, I frog them instead. Why torture myself?

1. My 6 year old afghan. I love this but it’s so BORING to work on. I’ve got about 4 feet of it done and only have 2 1/2 feet to go (only?). I just have to make a promise to myself to finish the darn thing by year end. (Ah, but WHICH year end? Ha ha hee hee!)

2. My nephew’s sweater. I started it in early April of this year but then the weather got warm and other than socks, I have a hard time working on wool when it’s warm weather. I have to have it done for Christmas no matter what, though. I’ve got about 12 inches to go on the body, then I’ll do the ribbing and then pick up the sleeves and finish those.

3. My jacket. I began this in March of this year when I realized I needed it for a workshop that I’m taking in August. I need to have one sleeve and the back done by that time (at a minimum – it’s a workshop on how to line your knitted garments). Again, the reason I haven’t picked it up in a few weeks is the weather. Though earlier today would have been ideal to work on it!

4. The 2nd sock to match the one I finished last week. I’m only a few rounds into it. But it’s a fun pattern and easy to follow so I’ll work on this tonight. See the completed one above in the picture with the sock blocker.

Wow, it’s after 6 and I need to get some laundry done and figure out the week ahead. Tomorrow at lunch those of us who volunteer as pen pals to the elementry school kids are meeting up for a year end lunch with the kids. It’s cheese pizza, punch and cookies!

Avoir un soir fabuleux !

(That’s ‘Have a fabulous evening!’ in French, if the translator is correct. :-))


3 Responses to "Stuff"

I like what you did with the STR club yarn – very pretty! I wasn’t completely nuts about the pattern included either. I swore I’d knit the sock in the pattern with the yarn provided, but I might break it already. 🙂

Love the socks. Great WIP’s – I’m posting mine soon, eech I have so many! LOL. Some may end up in the frog pond!

The pink flowers are gorgeous!

A demain! (Until tomorrow~! In french!)

Those Bubblegum Geraniums are gorgeous. I like the pattern you used for your STR – did you say what it was?

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