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Posted on: June 3, 2007

Too funny. I was out checking things on swap-bot and there’s an ad for some sandals. I clicked on the link – http://bonsaisandals.com/ – check them out. I highly doubt I would ever wear them but it’s great idea for someone!

I started working on my international tote exchange bag this weekend. I’m making a  felted bag for my person – it will be a medium size, lined, a tab closure with a toggle and a wide strap / handle (no pattern, just winging it after viewing a number of other patterns, no real magic to it – you know?). The yarn I’m using is from Crystal Palace in a Redwood color and the lining is so cool, it has little swirls of a similar color (see below). I may even sew a little strip of the lining color around the entire bag when it’s finished to add a little decorative touch to it, we’ll see (and mayby along the strap).

My BF and I went out and did the shopping for it yesterday. I was so impressed with Hancock Fabrics. The material I bought was from the quilter’s section. They have this huge section of quilter’s single squares to choose from, they’re all 18×21 and folded up into about 4×4 squares. Awesome idea, you can see what your final colors together by holding all of your squares together -much easier than trying to handle multiple bolts at a time. And no waiting in line at the cutting tables! I’m also going to make a zippered bag for inside the felted bag but that will be only from the lining material, not knitted.

The lining is much more defined than this, the pixels got a little goofy in my shot. Hmm. Anyway, the colors are true but you can’t see the swirls in the circles. Well, you get the drift, I’m sure. 

Hubby is calling down to me. We’ve got a few more plants to pot for this year and then we’re DONE. He goes and buys everything, I pot them – sweet deal in my opinion.

Off I go!


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