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Posted on: June 9, 2007

Finally made it to the weekend. It was a busy week doing my old job at the same time shadowing and training on my new job. I actually think I lost a couple of pounds. Anyway, as promised I have some catching up to do.


Starting with Ms. G on who’s blog I won a contest. The prize was a book and a skein of yarn. The book should be a great summer read which I will get to after my LOMA exam at the end of June. I’ll need something that’s NON-financial to read by then, trust me. The yarn is really pretty and so soft. When I removed the label, lo and behold there’s a pattern printed on the back side of it. I haven’t seen that before on sock yarn. Thank you so much, Ms. G, great prizes!!


We’ve done more planting in the past few weeks so below I’ve attached a few gratuitous shots of what’s happening in garden world.



We’re up to 15 people in my notions bag swap, I was hoping for 25 but maybe in the second one (I’m thinking of a holiday themed one or seasonal) we’ll get 25. I’m just tickled with the people who signed up, everyone is so excited! After I finish this post I’ll go send out blogger invites to the people who recently signed up and attach the buttons that you can put on your blogs.


I’m sure I wanted to post about something else but my fried brain is blanking out. So if I think of it later I’ll just have to do a second post for today. In the meantime, here is a shot of Abby, the neighbor’s cat from across the street. She was in our backyard trying to sneak up on a bird. She was NOT successful (thank goodness). Her owner tried putting her on a leash yesterday and you should have seen her reaction – she went flat as a pancake on their driveway. I’m thinking the whole time he’s trying this that guess what, you waited about a year too long, buddy. You should have started that when she was just a kitten because there is no way you’ll get her to adjust. Was kind of funny when he had to pick her up to bring her in the house, he was holding her away from his body because all claws were extended – where is the video camera when you need it most??


2 Responses to "Whew…"

Hey, awesome on winning the contest! The fleece artist looks awesome. If you feel like passing on that book when you’re done reading it, I’d love to read it next 🙂

I got to meet Amy Singer today!

Abby sure is a lovely muted torti! Putting an adult cat on a leash triggers their flee instinct right away.

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