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Big Sale -NOT!

Posted on: June 11, 2007

Edited 6/13/2007 – Turns out etsy removes items you haven’t sold 4 months from the date you posted them. I posted them Feb 11 – they came down the night of June 11. Pure coincidence on the dates. At least now we know!  🙂 

Edited 6/12/2007 – I just went to check my etsy shop and all of my stitchmarkers are gone. That’s odd. I don’t have any emails informing me I have sales and I also don’t have any orders listed. What the heck?? I saw these myself before logging out of etsy – where did they go? So, that means there is NO sale since I apparently have NO product. Grrrrrrrr. 

All of my stitchmarkers are on sale and only .50 cents postage for each set.

There are 6 sets for $5.00 each and 1 set for $7.00.

I want to make some different ones so I figured I’d try to move these out quick!

Check them out = http://midwestknitgirl.etsy.com/


2 Responses to "Big Sale -NOT!"

Well, that’s just weird. Did you figure out what happened?

That’s strange! I looked at them earlier, and they were there! And adorable!

I know they just had issues and did an update… Maybe that effected some of the shops?

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