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Last Contest for SP10

Posted on: June 17, 2007

Ms. Robyn, our happy hostess, has laid out the rules for the last contest. Post about 3 yarns you are dying to get your hands on and why. I debated on giving specific brands or just the kind and I’m going with the kind because I don’t know who makes what I’d like to try.

1. Soy Silk – I’ve seen work done in this and it has an amazing sheen. Plus I would bet that knitting it in a dense stitch like a slip stitch pattern, would make for a beautiful fabric.

2. Bamboo – I’m told that it’s very soft to wear as socks and it knits up quite beautifully. I’m so used to just knitting with wool yarn for socks that I have to wonder if it would feel better or similar, anybody know? I’ll still try it eventually, if only to say I did.

3. Hemp – why not? (Big giggles.) The last Stitches event I attended I overheard some people talking about it as a great knitting fiber and two things from that conversation I found interesting. 1 -You supposedly cannot buy it in the U.S.A., only Canada or at events like Stitches. 2 – Though it’s rough on the hand as you knit, it is supposed become soft after washing. This I will definitely try and get some of in August when I go to Stitches there.

More posting later today on other topics of interest – to some.

3 Responses to "Last Contest for SP10"

I have some hemp. I bought it online at kpixie. I never heard that you couldn’t buy it in the U.S.A. Maybe that is a myth? I still haven’t used it, but have about a million patterns that I would like to try with it. I hope it actually softens after washing like they say it will or I will not be happy!

Bamboo is super soft. It may be a favorite of mine. I made an awesome scarf/headband thing with it.

I am dying to try soy silk too. I’ll have to post my list soon!

I bought hemp at the Yarnery, where I work. We’re out of stock now, but at one time had two varieties of hemp yarn. You can get it in the U.S., I guarantee it. There’s tons of hemp clothing available to purchase too, not to mention hemp twine…

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