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We Love You, Buster

Posted on: June 18, 2007

Buster is our neighbor’s dog, he’s 12. They just found out over the weekend past that Buster has a cancerous mass in his belly. Tonight they’re going to the vet to put him to rest (I hate saying put down even though I know that’s what it is). He’s a great dog, he’ll really be missed.

Buster is on the left, his son Mickey on the right. This was taken 4 years ago.

You can see Buster’s muzzle was already getting lighter even then,

now it’s all white up to his eyebrows.


5 Responses to "We Love You, Buster"

Oh, Buster! Say hi to Princess, Woody, Mugs, Missy, Cleo and Esther when you get to that Rainbow Bridge!

That is so sweet, thank you Guinifer!

Oh, sweet Buster! But I’m happy he had such a good life.

Awww. 😦

One of my earliest memories is of when my first dog, Sam, had to be put to sleep. Kris, my neighbor Kari and I were sitting on Kari’s picnic table, shouting, “Bye Sam! We love you, Sam!” as mom was leading Sam to the car.

Hi Julia, I remember Sam – I loved his bark! I also remember you and Kris goofing around with him when you were kids, he was a fun dog. In fact, I have pictures of you guys with him. I’ll have to find them and send them off to you one of these days!

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