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Posted on: June 26, 2007

It’s hotter than a you-know-what out there today. About an hour and a half ago it was 95 with humidity of 67% which made it feel like 99. Holy crap. My basement office sure feels mighty fine right now at about 70 degrees.

Last Saturday we attended the wedding and reception of my husband’s niece. What a beautiful wedding, heck everything was beautiful. I would say that ‘simple but elegant’ would describe the whole affair. Her dress was strapless,  just past knee length (I think that’s tea length?), fitted in the bodice and then flared just a tad. Her hair off her neck in a nice chignon. Her matron of honor and the two bridesmaids wore cornflower blue dresses, looked like a chiffon material, strapless also. The groom and best man and the groomsmen wore long sleeve shirts, linen slacks and vests (but no jackets). It was so nice and casual but looked dressy at the same time. When her father walked her down the aisle I almost started balling – he has Parkinson’s and other problems so to see him be able to walk her down the aisle was just wonderful.

At the reception, which was at their house in their backyard, there were about 10 tables set up for 10 people each under a huge white tent. Then the wedding party was off to the side at a couple of long tables that were set up end to end so they could all face us. There was a permanent structure they had built that they use to hang out under when it’s too hot under the sun where the snacks were put and the bar was located.

The decorations were great. Pretty cornflower blue and white tulle was wrapped around the support ropes for the tent, there were twinkle lights, plants on the tables, and they alternated at each setting, a fan to beat the heat with, and small white boxes with sesame cashews in them. Oh, I almost forgot – they had a handful of small rocks on each table and on one of the rocks it said ‘Love Rocks’. The meal was catered by Famous Dave’s BBQ. As Rachel Ray would say, Yummo!

We had a hard time figuring out what to give them until we remembered a seafood place downtown that we thought they’d like. So we gave them a gift card to The Oceanaire – awesome seafood. Should be enough for at least the entree and a couple of drinks each (not a cheap place, by any means). 🙂

During the matron of honor’s speech I learned that the bride (we don’t see her that often so I’m a little surprised by this but not totally) knits! And does stained glass!! So we’ll definitely be getting together more in the future.

Time to go look at the list I made last week of things I need to do and see if I can cross a few things off. Ta ta.


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Sounds like a beautiful day. Hot, but beautiful.

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