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Can You Hear Me Now??

Posted on: June 28, 2007

So – on the way home from work today half of the bus listened to a woman talk about her problems on her cell phone and slap her leg for emphasis at least every 30 seconds. I say half the bus because the half up front is always laughing amongst themselves, they all know each other.

I tried to read my book, tried to tune her out. Impossible. I heard the word ‘like’ so many times it was like (ha!) a record on a turntable – remember those? – that was stuck on part of the album. OMG. I couldn’t help myself, guess what I did? Well, about 2/3 of the way home I thought – I can’t stand this anymore. I turned in my seat and looked directly at her. She couldn’t miss me looking at her, she was in what I call the peanut gallery seats, they run one direction, the rest are running the other direction. So she and I were nearly face to face but about 4 1/2 feet apart. At one point she started talking about having cramps last night and how ‘he doesn’t understand that I don’t want to talk to him right now” and as soon as she slapped her leg, I slapped mine. I pantomimed her for about 2 mins, her arm gestures, her slapping of her leg, her putting her hand on her face and sighing, at one point she’s looking me in the EYE. Nothing. She just keeps going like the friggin energizer bunny. I got out a tablet of paper and wrote a note – which I handed to her as I left the bus – that said:

Just so you know, at least half the bus heard your entire conversation. You were very loud. Please think about that.

I had folded it in half and after I handed to her (of course, she’s still talking) she says, thank you. I almost guffawed.

Now I am home, it’s blissfully quiet, I’m drinking a Tab and trying to figure out what to bring out of town with us this weekend. We’re going to a state park starting tomorrow night through Sunday with another couple (they have a 24 foot pull behind, gotta love that A.C during the day when it’s 90+ and humid!). Hubby is going to pick me up from work tomorrow so I need to get us ready tonight, I’m going to work a half day tomorrow and then we’re off. I’ll check back in Sunday to see what’s happening with everyone.

 Have a great weekend!

This is from 4 years ago while camping (we were just leaving at the end of the weekend)…he didn’t want his picture taken he gritting his teeth! Notice how dark he is? Yes, it looks like sunburn but about 2 hours later it was brown. Meanwhile, me? I need SP 50 sunscreen! See ya.


2 Responses to "Can You Hear Me Now??"

Seriously! Do you get a sunburn if you stand too close to the microwave? (One of my DH’s favorite lines – he’s a burner)

That is absolutely hilarious. I hate it when I hear other people talk when I’m in public and I want to read or knit (concentrate) or whatnot. Busses aren’t the place to have a private conversation about your cramps or whatever… what a weird lady! Is she always on the same time bus as you? Or was that the first time you saw her? I can’t believe she thanked you for her note!

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