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SP10 Has Come To An End

Posted on: July 3, 2007

Edited 7/4/07 to add pictures as promised. 

I received a package from my SP10 secret pal over the weekend and I finally know who she is. She’s Judy from Ohio – she’s been awesome! Thank you so much, Judy, everything you sent has either already been used or will be used in the near future.

In this package (pics to follow tomorrow, I hope, the camera is acting goofy and hubby is checking it out) she included:

A skein of Opal in shades of medium blue, black and white.

A pattern called One Skein Sockettes that I will use the Opal for.

Two sets of really cute stitchmarkers that she ordered from our wonderful SP10 hostess, Robyn. One set is purple/white and sort of a tiger eye color and the other is a mix of colors – nice choices! The rest of you will  just have to wait until tomorrow to see them.

 Thank you again, Judy, this has been a lot of fun!!


2 Responses to "SP10 Has Come To An End"

I can’t wait to see what stitch markers I made for Judy for you – to be honest, I cannot remember which ones?! LOL.

It’s sad that SP10 has come to an end.. 😦

Uhm, I never sold those stitch markers… weird.

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