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Hot Summer In The City

Posted on: July 7, 2007

Who sang that anyway??

Stained Glass Studio Update

Head over to the stained glass studio page for an update. The guys have been working their you-know-what’s off the last couple of days and today. And in this heat to boot.

I’m  A Loopy Groupie

As of the order I received today I am officially a Loopy Groupie! I didn’t even realize it when I ordered earlier this week that I was at that point. So what a wonderful suprise to get this cool tote (and another goodie that I’m not going to share since you might be working on becoming a groupie too, don’t want to spoil your surprise) with my order packed in it. At first I thought, wait, I didn’t order this tote and I sure don’t remember seeing it ever on the site so….then the light bulb went on. Sweet!

Yarn PrON

Lovely stuff I received, truly. I purchased three different colorways of the Crystal Palace Panda Cotton yarns (these are a combination of bamboo, cotton and elastic, remember I said I wanted to try bamboo? ), I’ve got Jet Black, Sprite Green (those are both solid colorways) and Faded Jeans in a veriagated colorway. Then I also ordered some Apple Laine in the Army Surplus colorway. Much, much prettier than it sounds. It’s not drab at all, it’s quite beautiful actually. Think muted fallish colors (greens, yellow, brown) but with some teal tossed in for good measure. Finally, Regia Bamboo in a colorway I can’t recall the name of but it’s number is 1066. It has green, blue, purple and burgandy in again, the muted shades. Other than the bright green I ordered I’m noticing I’m starting to lean towards more muted shades. I still love the strong and vibrant ones but it’s so fun getting these other colors.

Swap City

My tote bag for the International Tote Bag Exchange just sucks. Eeew. Not going to send it to her, no way. It should have been so cool. But once it was felted the color of the yarn had faded so much that the fabric lining no longer looked right with it. I’m so disappointed because it really did look good before felting. Thank goodness we stashers of yarn can always come up with plan B! Now her new bag will be a dark burgandy with charcoal straps. Now to finish that up and get it shipped out later this week.

My notions bag for my notions bag swap is going to be worked on as soon as I finish typing this post. I was going to knit it but I’ve chosen to sew it instead, change of pace.

I have one sock almost done for the sock swap. I went with a warm and wooly one instead of the traditional ones with regular sock yarn. I figured since the person I’m sending to lives in Norway that warm would be a good thing. I had some really cool ecological wool I wanted to try anyway and a pattern I haven’t done yet. More on that later as I progress.


Off to Illinois in August for the Stitches Midwest event. I need to get going on the back of the jacket I need for one of the workshops I’m taking. I have the sleeve done but need to get that dang back done. So my plan for the rest of today is to make the notions bag and start on the jacket after dinner while watching a movie in the comfort of central air.

Queen Abby


3 Responses to "Hot Summer In The City"

No one sang that – you’re mixing two songs together! It was Hot CHILD In The City and Nick Gilder sang that, and it was Summer In The City (“Hot time, summer in the city, back of my neck gettin’ dirty & gritty…”) and Lovin’ Spoonful sang that. I know, I know…my wealth of musical knowledge never ceases to amaze, huh??!!

Tell your hippy hubby I’m diggin’ the dew rag!

Woo Hoo to the Groupie status! I’m heading out tonight to fabric shop for my notions bag material – I’m sewing as well. What notions are you tucking into yours? Looking for some inspiration.

That green one is one of my favorite colors!

I am working on being a groupie, but I am glad you shared this part of the surprise.

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