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Cool Socks & Jammies

Posted on: July 18, 2007

I participated in a sock swap and received the following two pairs of socks. Too silly, I think they’re great.


So what are cool jammies? Well, I found a great article on jammies for those of us who are experiencing that lovely transition in life called night sweats. I don’t get it that bad but it’s enough to bug me. So I’m not sure which company I’m going to purchase mine from but I’m definitely getting some!

Here’s the article…check it out, ladies!

Good night, night sweats

If athletes can keep cool with clothing that wicks moisture from the skin, why not women with hot flashes?

By Catherine Mallette, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

It’s a simple but smart idea: Create a soft, comfortable fabric that uses the kind of wicking technology found in athletic wear that pulls moisture from the skin and keeps you dry. From that fabric, create pajamas designed especially for menopausal women who suffer from night sweats. Here, lines of wicking sleepwear that show a sense of style.


About the company: Started about five years ago by Kendra Novick, a stay-at-home Colorado mom who developed night sweats because of a thyroid condition. She worked with a mill to develop a fabric that feels like cotton. The most popular pj’s: In warmer climates, Novick says, “any of the short sleeves or sleeveless styles.” What we like: The Amy capri and tank (about $50) and the Colleen pj set (about $53). Touch test: Feels much like a cotton T. Prices: Pajama sets range from about $50 to $80; nightgowns are about $40; short sets about $50. Where to find them: View the collection at www.wickingjsleepwear.com. Where to buy them: The full line is carried at A Dry & Comfy Sleepwear Co. (www.wickndry.com) and at www.rickandjune.com.


About the company: Founded in 2000 by Canadian business woman and runner Wendy McClung, who wore one of her athletic Ts to bed one night and realized it helped her sleep through her hot flashes. She found a business partner to design the pajamas and worked with a mill to come up with a wicking fabric. The most popular pj’s: The Sweet Dreams nightshirt and the sleeveless tank dress. What we like: The drawstring night lite dress in Airs and Graces Blue (about $55) and the slip dress (about $48). This line features some bright, happy colors and on-the-wild-side prints. Some styles could even work as daywear. Touch test: These feel more like a polished cotton than a cotton — almost like children’s fire-retardant pajamas. Prices: Range from about $35 for shorts to $90 for an embroidered pj set. Prices are shown in Canadian and U.S. dollars. Where to buy them: www.hotcoolwear.com. Click on the “Hot Mama” collection.


About the company: Founded by David Chandler, former pro racquetball player, who first developed wicking athletic wear for several companies. It’s based in Denver. What we like: The wicking pajama lace camisole ($29) and lace crop pant ($37) are cute (especially in pinstripes!), and a travel robe recently on sale for $65. The color choices on these pajamas ranged from pastels to forest greens. These were the most fashion-forward of the samples we looked at. Touch test: A soft, almost silky-satin feel. Prices: Range from $29 to $80. Where to buy them: www.coolsets.com.


About the company: Founded by Helen Rockey, former president of Brooks running-shoe company, which began making a T-shirt for marathon runners. Women started contacting the company to say that they were using the T as a nightshirt because it was helping them sleep through hot flashes. Inspiration struck, and Rockey set out to find a yarn that would not only wick away moisture but eliminate odors. What we like: Many of the pieces come in a rib-knit pointelle fabric with a lettuce-leaf hem that is feminine and pretty without being too cutesy. Touch test: The rib-knit fabric is uber-soft and snuggly. Feels like light, airy cotton. Prices: Range from $20 for a tank top to $55 for a gown. Where to buy them: www.wildbleu.com; the website also has a link to Wildbleu dealers by state, including Judith McGrann and Friends, 4615 Excelsior Blvd., St. Louis Park, 612-922-2971. Fastest-growing new product: Wicking sheet sets called SleepKeepers, in full ($125), queen ($140) and king ($160) sizes. Rockey says they are popular with menopausal women, women going through chemotherapy for breast cancer and anyone taking medication that causes sweating. Rockey also says the company is working on a bamboo wicking fabric.



2 Responses to "Cool Socks & Jammies"

I’m right there with you. Temperature regulation is an oxymoron in my world at the moment! Great article. Thanks!

Thank you so much for this information. I am placing my order !!

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