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Posted on: July 25, 2007

A couple of posts ago (see July 12th) I put out an article I found that referred to some jammies that would help those of us who perspire aren’t as dry as others at night because we’ve reached a certain point in our lives (dammit, anyway). Anyway, I received an email today from a wonderful person who said she ordered some jammies from one of the places that were mentioned in the article. Now I await her opinion on how those jammies work. Will pass along her opinion once I have it and if it’s positive??? I’ll be ordering 2 or 3 sets in different colors!!!

Ms. Robyn, a Canadian friend of mine, is sending me a bunch of photos (that I ordered and paid for sight unseen because we’ve developed a great friendship since I was a hostess for Secret Pal 9 and she is a fantastic photographer!) in B&W that I will put up in my stained glass studio.  I’m so excited! My plan is to place each photo between pieces of clear glass with clips on all 4 sides all around the studio. Originally, I was going to have my step-father frame them but them I realized that to have them in glass would suit the studio much better. Don’t you think?

Ms. Berry Tini has had a rough time of it lately. She is a wonderful rollerskater (yes, I’m talking derby city here and she is freakin good!) but she fractured her wrist while being a hot shot skating. She and her family recently moved to the opposite coast they were living on, it sounds like they’re enjoying the change but I think it would be cool if you went to her blog and gave her get well wishes…by the way, she was my Secret Pal 8 spoiler. God, I love meeting people through my hobby!!!

Okay, must fly. Even though I’m working from home tomorrow I should still get to bed at a decent time. TTFN!


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