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Posted on: July 27, 2007

Ok, so not an original title for a post but that’s all I could think of. And besides, I really am glad it’s Friday. I took the afternoon off from work (though I did bring home work to do over the weekend – price you pay being a newbie) and hubby and I went and bought paint for the studio, it needs to be painted on the outside. So we picked out a navy blue for the door, a soft lace (aka creamy white) for the trim and we’re still debating on the main overall color. There are 4 choices we’ve narrowed it down to (and these will really mean nothing to you but let me tell you, it’s hard deciding) toasted wheat, arabian sands, classic taupe and oat cake. I know, it’s basically tan but in varying shades. I’m leaning more towards the darker of the 4, the toasted wheat. It would offer the most contrast between all of the colors and I think I’d like that.

After we picked up the paint we headed to a local Greek place where we had a wonderful lunch. When we got home I decided to read a book and promptly fell asleep for about an hour and a half. That felt so good!

Then I remembered that I hadn’t opened my package from Jimmy Beans Wool yet (shame on me!). They are so fast it’s insane. I ordered on 7/24 and received the order today. Hello…do the math. And if your order is over $75 the shipping is free and their normal shipping is $4 on all US orders. Heck of a deal, eh?

I bought a sack/bag for my favorite auntie for her birthday (the one I ordered actually has a pink canvas strap and the tote is 15 inches high, bigger than you think and can hold a lot more than you think). When I give her the bag inside will be a couple of skeins of Crystal Palace Panda Cotton and a finished pair of socks made especially for her out of the same yarn. Speaking of which, I’m trying out the 2 circ needle method for these socks so she’s my guinea pig. She won’t mind. 🙂 I just started last night and it’s slow going but it was slow going the first time I did socks on dpn’s, I just have to keep at it.

Ashland Sky - Show-Me-Sack

I bought some dpn point protectors in the small size (size 3-5):

Clover - Point Protector

I wanted some yarn to do some hand dyeing with using Wilton’s, the yarn is Jaeger – Baby Merino in a DK weight (on sale $4.95, regularly $6.75 per skein, 130 yds each, 9 skeins purchased. I wanted enough to make three colorways for socks):

Jaeger - Baby Merino DK Yarn

I also ordered the leaflet called Stocking Feet which is out of stock but it will be shipped as soon as it’s available:

Leaflet - Stocking Feet Sorry for the small photo, this is directly from their site.

Going up to unwind the balls into hanks for dyeing this weekend – if anybody has any tips for me on using the Wilton dyes, do let me know. This should be fun if nothing else!!

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