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By George, I Think I’ve Got It

Posted on: July 29, 2007

The last hank I dyed is exactly how I’d hoped it would turn out. I used bowls for the dye this time instead of squirting color. Now I just have to get through my other zillion projects so I can start on some socks with this yarn. Hurry, MKG, hurry!!

The last hank I dyed

The last hank I dyed

This one below is a bit light, it should really be as dark as the one above.

The last hank I dyed 

Hubby is impressed. He thinks I should start doing this and make money from it. I asked what he’d been smoking today (ha ha) – he was serious. I told him that I’d want to practice a bit more before I gave a thought to that but thank you for your support, dear. 🙂


7 Responses to "By George, I Think I’ve Got It"

Wow, that is gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant. What did you use for the dye?

I like the vibrancy of the colors!

That is so gorgeous and I love it! It’s going to look great for some socks!

I think that one is my favorite as well.

Very nice! Is that Wilton’s again? Great job! I never got to do mine yesterday like I said I might…

SO pretty!!! I love the colors. Too bad you live so far away! I’d say you should come play with my acid dyes!!

You’ve seriously got it! That’s fantastic! I’d buy it. I’m just sayin’.

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