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Beware Condensation Part 2

Posted on: August 5, 2007

A picture of my lovely foot with it’s 1 inch cut and 5 stitches (it’s since been re-bandaged). There’s a rapidly building bruise and some swelling occuring and for the amount of discomfort I’m in, that’s a flipping small owie in my eyes. But the dr at the ER did say that the bottom of the foot is one of the most sensitive spots to injure oneself. Figures! 🙂 I think I’ll get a bag of ice and put that on my foot for a while – ta ta, ya’ll.

Beware Condensation...

P.S. Thank you for the nice comments everyone, I appreciate it.


3 Responses to "Beware Condensation Part 2"

Owie owie owie oh god ow yow yipe yipe yipe! Hope that heals quickly – stay offa it!

GAH! How long do you have to stay off your foot? I can’t imagine walking on that. I’d show you a picture of mine, but I’d gross myself out if I look at it again. haha. Thanks for the well-wishes. Hope you’re up doing the mambo soon!

oooooooo – that makes me almost lose my cookies. Wow. I say you just put a big stretch sock on and plan on it being dirty – I wouldn’t even try to put a shoe on that – owie – owie – OWIE!
Hey – I got my little giftie the other day – thank you so much! The bookmark helped me through the end of Harry Potter!

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