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Beware Condensation…

Posted on: August 5, 2007

Else you may drop a glass, step on said glass, end up in emergency for 4 hours and leave with 5 stitches on the arch of your foot. Sent BF text msg today about it, she thought I was having a sock knitting problem…”5 stitches on bottom of foot – how did she do that?”  Only a knitter, yes?

Unfortunately, I did not bring any knitting to the emregency room with me as I was naive enough to think it wouldn’t be that long of visit. But had I thought through the fact that it was 11pm on a Saturday night, yeah I know – d’oh me.

I must say that the staff was very friendly there, even the guy who injected numbing juice DIRECTLY into the gash on my foot. Efrickingadsthatfrickinghurt. I was hanging onto the railings of the bed and saying mommymommymommymommyshitmommymommymommyshit over and over again while he kept saying – please don’t move. Hey, YOU try not to move when someone is sticking that fricking thing into a gash in YOUR foot. That’s what I wanted to say but instead I kept up my mommyshit mantra. Remember that I’m 44 – notice I still wanted my mommy??

There are a couple of other cuts on my foot as well but those didn’t require stitches. The only problem I forsee right now is what the hell am I wearing to work tomorrow on that foot? I suppose I could wear a slipper on one foot and regular shoe on the other. Hmm. I’d rather just work from home which because I’m doing month end in my old job tomorrow morning I can’t. I have to be at work to do that as those files are on the laptop in my old area. Grrrrrr. Maybe I’ll head home in the afternoon tomorrow to finish the day here so I can put my foot up. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Damn. Must find some ibuprofen for my foot, it’s starting to sting and ache a bit. And I need to get upstairs and start kicking some ass on my knitting today. I leave from work on Wed to go to Stitches in Illinois and the back of that sweater jacket HAS to get done for one of the workshops I’m taking.

5 stitches...ow To be continued later today…


3 Responses to "Beware Condensation…"

Ouch girl! I hope you feel better soon. (You have a tattoo on your leg?? I didn’t know!!)

Whoa! That’s pretty serious! Hope you feel better soon!

Ouchie-ma-gouchie! I did the same thing to my toe when I was in junior high. I dropped a pop bottle (yeah – it was so long ago that we still had pop bottles) in the basement, the door bell rang, I went up to answer and came back downstairs to get pop forgetting I had broken a bottle. I was stupid enough to try and hide the evidence -glass and blood all over – because I didn’t want my parents to know. The ER may have been a long ordeal but it’s far better than what happen’s later if you don’t take care of a big cut (don’t ask!)

Take care of your foot!

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