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Ta Ta Ya’ll

Posted on: August 7, 2007

Well, I’m off to Illinois tomorrow for Stitches. I’ll work until about 3:15 and then head to the airport. I’m so psyched to get out of here and not think about anything other than knitting and knitting related topics. I will miss hubby, though, I always do no matter what.

If I remember correctly, the hotel I’m staying at has pc’s you can use but they cost a fortune. So you may not hear from me again until Sunday or Monday. However, if I have something really juicy to share I may splurge and let you know about it sooner. We’ll see! 

–>Update on SFU (stupid foot injury) – My foot is definitely sore today after having walked on it a LOT:  to work, at work, from work. I’m just about ready to put the last thing in my suitcase and then I’m sitting down with my foot UP for the night.

Have a nice rest of the week, everyone and thanks again for the good wishes on healing the SFU!!

3 Responses to "Ta Ta Ya’ll"

Ooo! I’ll be there too! I hope to show up for the marketplace opening on Friday – I can’t wait!

Have fun in Chicago! It’s a great city!

Ouch – don’t try to do too much! Hope you have a good trip.

Whew, brave lady to hit stitches with an injury. Pamper yourself and enjoy!

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