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Just Couldn’t Wait

Posted on: August 11, 2007

Okay, time is money so here’s the skinny. My flight was delayed leaving home on Wed due to storms in Chicago. We finally left an hour and 45 mins late, however, before even leaving home we sat on the tarmac for 30 mins. Arrived in Chi-town O’Hare and sat on the tarmac there for 15 mins while waiting for whoever the slowpoke was to get the ramp to the door of the plan so we could deplane. Finally arrived in hotel room at 9:15 pm. Should have been here at 7.

Thursday I notice that there are individuals walking around in costume. Not many, just enough to wonder what the hell is it this year? See, last year it was a Beatles Fest with go go boots and blue eyeshadow, this year it’s something called Wizard World. We’re NOT talking Harry Potter, either. Oh man, I hate to stereotype but I can’t help myself. Think the geek behind the pc for hours and hours on end playing computer games – got it?? A lot of the people I saw were hunched over with pasty skin and unkempt too long hair. No kidding. Cell phones and laptops all over the place. People who went to the convention center for this to buy things came back with playstation boxes, posters, costumes, etc. Course, I suppose us knitters looked like geeks to them, right? But we’re not in costume! 🙂

Went to the market on Thursday night, anyone who is a registered attendee gets in on Thursday night for a sneak peek at the goodies and you can purchase as well. I was enjoying such wonderful restraint purchasing only yarn for my BF and 2 skeins of Panda Cotton for myself to make a Christmas gift for someone. Much yarn to fondle and pet. Lots of gorgeous colors and colorways. Restraint held until yesterday when I bought some gorgeous purple/rainbow yarn to make myself some mittens and a matching scarf. Also, some Tofutsies yarn. Check it out, it’s good for you! Plus some patterns and a book that the author signed for me. More on that later, the music is really loud where I’m sitting so I can’t think of what it’s called. Wait, I think it might be Cast On, Bets Off. I could swear I bought something else – oh, some yarn ball core thingys you insert in your yarn balls after you take them off the winder, and then you put the label in that. I’ll have to provide a picture when I get home. They were 10 for $5.  

Oh, d’oh me. In order to do my class today on lining a jacket I needed to finish the back, right? I forgot the rest of the yarn to finish knitting it!! So I ripped out the back and made a small back (just a square about 11 x 11), a front (half the size of the back) and a sleeve in similar sizing. Worked out great in class and frankly, I think that’s what we should have had. Will share tips and info on that later. Also, the advanced techniques class was awesome, will update more on that later as well.

Time to go watch more geeks. I can’t help it, that’s what we called them in high school 26 years ago, what can I say?

Later everyone! 


2 Responses to "Just Couldn’t Wait"

Hey, I’m the gaming geek behind the PC for hours! 😉

Yeah, but you aren’t 6 feet tall, hunched over and have long hair in a pony tail that clearly hasn’t been washed in a while. Plus we’re related so you get a free pass either way. 🙂

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