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Posted on: August 12, 2007

New Swap

Like I have nothing else to do – I set up a new swap on Swap-bot, all you have to do is send 1 purchased or personally designed pattern to 2 people (not the freebies that anyone can get). You can send a sock pattern, mittens pattern or a scarf pattern. Check it out:


Mea Culpa, I’m Sorry, Apologies Galore

Remember what I said about Wizard World in my previous post? I thought it was geeks and pc’s? Instead it’s comic books. And SOME geeks. But I started noticing other people at the Hyatt hotel who were attending this event who looked, well, not like geeks. Quite normal actually and some very hunky and some very beautiful. So I inquired and found out it’s quite a popular event among people of all ages, sizes, etc, one of the major exhibitors is Marvel Comics. Hmm. I still think wearing a flippin costume of your favorite super person is just not right when you’re an adult…I’m just saying. Oh, and to the super people geeks next door to me? BEDTIME FOR NORMAL PEOPLE IS BEFORE 3:30 AM!!!

There, I feel better now.

Flight Home

No problems whatsoever. AMEN!

Goodies Purchased at Stitches

Tofutsies yarn (not pictured, it’s somewhere in my suitcase!), colorway is #723 called Put Your Foot Down

Here’s the link: http://www.yarncountry.com/South-West-TOFUtsies-Put-Your-Foot-Down–723-p3897.aspx

2 balls Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in Strawberries & Lime

Yarn Core Rolls – I’ve never seen these before but I can tell you that I’ll get a LOT of use out of them. They’re also reusable.

Socks That Rocks yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in Obsidian – Medium Weight and Black Onyx – Silkie Socks That Rock (picked up for my BF)

A personally autographed book called Cast On, Bet’s Off! Can’t wait to start this, the author said it is going to be made into a movie. 🙂

5 balls Windy Valley Yarns yarn in Rainbow which will become a pair of mittens and a scarf for me. Yes, me!

A package of knitting note cards that I can’t show you because they’ll be for my SP11 pal.

Stitches Midwest

Stitches Midwest

That’s it for now. More later this week!


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