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Posted on: August 25, 2007

Picture of ‘bad mittens’ added 11:09pm. See last topic in this post. 

Yarn Goodness for Monkey Sock Swap

 I am loving this color, it’s Claudia Hand Painted Yarns in the colorway DF Green (I believe that stands for Deep Forest Green). This is the yarn I will use to make the Monkey sock for my secret person in the Monkey Swap. Sign ups open until Aug 31st.

 This is for the recipient to knit her own socks with the Cookie A pattern she chose in her Q&A. Will be very, very pretty.

Rockin Sock Club

 Here’s the colorway I just received as part of the Rockin Sock Club with Blue Moon Fiber Arts, it’s called Flower Power. I haven’t decided if I like yet or not.

I’m almost afraid to keep going on this entry today, this has taken me a half hour to get this much out here…don’t know what’s going on with wordpress. But I’ll give it a few more minutes, maybe they’re doing updates or something. Grrrr.

 Magnet Swap Goodies

From Hanna (she is blogless) I received the required magnet as noted in the swap along with some sticker sheets AND a cute little button. She is from Finland and just couldn’t find a magnet that represented Finnish nature in her opinion. Now, here’s what I consider creativity. She went and TOOK a picture of a beautiful lake area in Finland, found a picture magnet and inserted that picture into the magnet. That’s creative thinking. Thank you so much Hanna!

Mitten Swap 3

I’ll be setting up my 3rd mitten swap this weekend. Here’s the link Mitten Swap 3. I intend to have sign ups begin Sunday and then end September 22nd. You’ll have until November 9th to ship your mittens. All of the rules, pattern ideas, etc will be at the swap site.

For those who were in the mitten swaps I hosted last year there will be that one picture of those mittens Shelley received – to remind everyone what will NOT be accepted in this swap – trust me, these were horrible. One thumb longer than the other by 2 inches, each palm was different, one very narrow and the other wide and more.  Anyway, you’ll see as soon as I can find that picture and stick it out there. If nothing else you will laugh your asses off and ask yourself what we in the swap asked – is this a joke?? She actually had the gall to wonder why we thought they were a joke. I made Shelley a ‘real’ pair of mittens to make up for this idiot’s work. If you can believe it, this knitter knits lace yet she couldn’t see how awful these were??? Hello!!!!

Here’s the picture, Robyn had it (thank goodness as I couldn’t find it):

Okay, that’s it for now as wordpress is just too putzy today to continue, it’s trying my patience, let me tell you.

Enjoy your nights! 


4 Responses to "Saturday Stuff"

I’m getting Louet Gems next week in my shop! 🙂 I havent gotten my STR kit yet, not sure I like it. You?

Oh,and I also am getting Claudia Handpainted in my shop!!!!! I placed a HUGE order with her recently!

Don’t you mean mittens?

“hosted last year there will be that one picture of those socks Shelley received”

Ooh, you’re so well-organized! The Monkey yarn is so pretty.

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