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Word To The Wise on 954 Exchanges

Posted on: September 4, 2007

We’ve gotten a few suspicious phone calls in the last month or so that are always a 954 exchange. The first time I didn’t answer as I didn’t recognize the number on caller id nor the name (Purple Horizons). Finally, I answered it just for giggles.

The person on the end knew my full name, they knew I had a subscription to TV Guide and they wanted to be sure I had a chance to resubscribe now so I don’t miss out on any future issues. Please provide the credit card number so they can get the process started.

Here’s how I know it’s a scam:

1. The TV Guide subscription that we have is in my first initial and last name. This PH place couldn’t have known my first name without having gotten the info somewhere else – just wish I knew where. 

2.  Our phone number is unlisted and has been since we’ve lived here for 10 years. Only our mortgage company, friends, family and employers know it.

3. I’ve never given TV Guide our home phone number, they get my work number. That’s intentional as our phone number is unlisted…duh…why would I give it out even for a subscription if it’s unlisted? In fact, our checks don’t have our phone number on it and when asked for it, again, I give my work number.

4. But the biggest proof of all? TV Guide doesn’t call about your subscription, they send you notices in the mail. I get one at least every two weeks when it’s nearing the expiration date.

You do the math on whether or not it’s a scam. But either way? Please pay attention when people call as they will try to sound very convincing. If you have any gut feelings at all that something isn’t right? Stop the conversation even if in mid-sentence and request to be removed from their calling list immediately. Note the date, time, name and number on caller id (if you have it).

I went online and googled Purple Horizons and the number that was on our caller id. Check out the site of other 954 numbers and comments from others being plagued by these scammers!! It’s insane.

Here’s the link: http://800notes.com/Area-Code.aspx/1-954

I just hate when this kind of crap exists because you know what? There are those that will be contacted that just don’t know any better and are simply easy to convince that the situtation is valid. And what happens? Their money is gone. Poof. No recourse. That’s BS in my book. Keep an eye out, my peeps and warn your friends and family. No joke, this is bad business. 


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