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The Winners of The De-stash Contest Are

Posted on: September 22, 2007

Angela and Elanknits. Congratulations to you both!

Please email me your addresses so I can mail out your goodies on Monday. Remember the deal, you get stash and I am blessed with a magnet from where you are. Email me at midwestknitgirl AT gmail DOT com. (I’ve switched from hotmail.)

Just so everyone knows there were 9 entries in total – one was on a different post than where the contest was but I caught that one. Hubby was still snoozing when I got up this morning and had breakfast and I was impatient (didn’t want to wait until the campfire tonight) so I got everyone numbered, read the entries (you guys are great – I really enjoyed reading the answers) and then folded up the little pieces of paper I wrote all the numbers on and tossed them in my contest baggie – ta da – out came Angela and Elanknits. Congrats again!

Keep watching my blog for more contests –

you never know when I’m going to host one. 🙂

Edited 11:38am – I played a trick on you guys. I’m actually sending you each a skein of my hand dyed yarn (they are drying outside right now), not just any old thing from my stash. Gosh, I hope you don’t mind!


3 Responses to "The Winners of The De-stash Contest Are"

Congrats to the winners!!

Thank you, I’ll be magnet shopping on Monday!

YAY!, I never win anything. and thanks bethc. I will also be shopping for cool magnets tomorrow.

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